Dancehouse is looking for a WEB DESIGNER/WEB DEVELOPER to design a dynamic new website.



For over 25 years, Dancehouse has been at the epicentre of Australian independent dance culture. From our base in Melbourne, our reputation and influence have crossed state boundaries to shape the art form nationally and internationally. We remain Australia's only performing arts venue dedicated solely to the creation and presentation of contemporary dance and we are leaders in devising and delivering comprehensive and inspirational programs for dance making and dance thinking.


Dancehouse has a rich and diverse array of programs (performances, public programs, residencies, artist development). The new website will need to be highly functional and navigable, whilst ensuring the visual identity reflects Dancehouse's unique position as an organisation with a strong commitment to independent artists, innovation, creative risk-taking, rigour and inspirational journeys. The new website will also need to accommodate online resources and content including (but not limited to) podcasts, videos and writings.


The project aims to:

  • Build a contemporary, accessible website with a fresh and new online visual identity that reflects Dancehouse's character - working within existing branding and style guides in order to expand and update.

  • Improve access to and levels of engagement for the multitude of communities Dancehouse caters for (professional artists, general public, arts lovers, occasional national and international visitors)

  • Inspire potential Dancehouse participants, artists and audiences to participate in Dancehouse activities with ease.

  • Promote Dancehouse nationally and internationally as a key centre for independent Australian dance by consolidating online content to be the main entry gate to the wealth of information, expertise, resources and opportunities we offer.

Website requirements

Our new website must become a digital 'place' rather than a static box, where the content is more important than the site. It is also integral that it be able to evolve and grow with us. Please review our proposed website structure HERE


  • Reflect Dancehouse's qualities; being clear, community focused and inclusive, creative risk taking and collaboration.

  • Content migration

  • Be produced as an adaptable and user-friendly CMS that can accomodate different media such as videos, podcasts, essays as well as reflecting our performance season in a dynamic way.

  • Incorporate an interactive, online content page that is simple to engage with and can support a member database, with part of the content being behind a login.

  • Align with the Dancehouse visual brand - using the brand mark where appropriate and adhering to existing branding and style guidelines.

  • Ensure that the website functions as an ongoing archive, with content automatically moving to an archived state once its relevance has elapsed, and that past material is represented in an elegant form. This process must be managed in consultation with Dancehouse staff as part of this project delivery.

  • Ensure that site maintenance is able to be managed internally (aside from minor updates) after initial implementation.

  • Integration with Google Analytics and other analytic and reporting platforms as required.

  • Use current Web Standards to meet basic responsivity requirements across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

  • Meet accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0)

Company criteria


  • Have a comprehensive working knowledge of web design and development processes and current best practice.

  • Submit an expression of interest by the scheduled deadline

  • Work with the Artistic Director and Development Manager in all stages of the project.


  • The ability to work within project timeline estimates.

  • Proven ability to offer solutions and the ability to translate and incorporate feedback for corrections and alterations.

  • The ability to work within existing branding and style guides as a basis to expand and update.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Strong attention to detail and an agile approach.

Branding and visual identity


SWISS BLACK CONDENSED and or GOTHAM NARROW (however we are open to change and suggestions with regard to fonts and typography)


The Dancehouse tape, in the type and style of 'caution tape' is designed as such to represent our dedication to creative risk taking and innovation whilst positioning dance in a temporary, malleable space that can be reinvented and reconfigured at any time. Torn in half, the tape also comes to represent the breaking down of boundaries and confines in an invitation to step outside of one's comfort zone and to experience choreography as an accessible practice, divorced from its classical elitist perception.

The logo is used as such on our letterheads, at events (in the form of ribbon and tape) and on our current website. This will need to remain a key feature of our visual identity moving forward.

To access our logopack, please visit our website:

or email the Communications & Development Manager, Audrey Schmidt, at

Budget and resources

The project proposal must be deliverable within the budget range of $9,000, with a negotiable ongoing maintenance fee. In order to deliver this project, the developer will have access to:

  • Logopack

  • Our proposed web structure available here: PROPOSED WEBSITE STRCUTURE.pdf

  • Archival material for reference

  • Office infrastructure including desk space, internet and phone if necessary.

  • Organisational knowledge

  • A limited range of AV equipment and computer hardware. Developers should contact Dancehouse for further detail regarding current technical and IT capabilities and requirements

  • The content scoping phase should include gaining rights clearances where appropriate.


  • 20th November 2017: Notify successful developer

  • Nov - Dec 2017: Project scoping and concept development

  • Dec 2017 - Feb 2018: Web build

  • Feb 2018: Launch


Proposals must include:

  • A proposed budget

  • Nominated content management system (CMS), as well as an outline of technical recommendations

  • An outline of relevant experience including demonstrated experience creating and delivering digital media projects/web design

  • A demonstrated understanding of the parameters of the project

  • A clear project methodology including capacity and approach, as well as an outline of any additional team members you will be working with

  • A cover letter supporting your application addressing why would you like this job

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • Some examples of your online and web design work (maximum of 10 pieces)

  • A wireframe of low resolution rendering of your proposed landing page with an accompanying rationale




Further information can be obtained by contacting the Communications & Development Manager, Audrey Schmidt, at or calling 03 9347 2860.

Interested parties should make use of Dancehouse's website and available annual reports.

Refer to our History and Mission to gain a complete understanding of Dancehouse and its recent history and mission before expressing interest and proposing a project methodology.