Forward Motion

Forward Motion is a collection of outstanding British screen dance films. A British Council project co-produced with South East Dance, Forward Motion offers a comprehensive introduction to the history and development of British screen dance. Curated and presented by leading figures in the British dance and film world, it includes rare archive footage and pioneering early dance films alongside innovative and contemporary shorts.

Screen dance is an artistic genre where choreography and film reside together, crossing the boundaries of artist film and video, avant-garde film, experimental film and contemporary dance.

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Professor Liz Aggiss (University of Brighton) introduces the genre of screen dance. This programme includes short dance films with artist interviews, including Touched by Wendy Houstoun and David Hinton, Tra La La by Magali Charrier and rarely seen gems Basini by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie and Sardinas by Lea Anderson. An ideal introduction to British screen dance.

A romance for hands and faces - and the odd foot, this video is the choreography of close-ups set in a bar in north London. The characters talk, smoke, drink, dance, fight, laugh, and weep.

The Incomplete Autobiography
The Incomplete Autobiography invites us into an intimate and idiosyncratic world of a child's perceptions of the world around her. Universal themes of memory and identity are explored through an Indian woman's personal journey back to the defining moments and essences of her childhood.

An early work by Lea Anderson, this film was recorded in one shot, by a camera in a fixed frame position. The result is a film that could only exist as a film, it could not be replicated by live work. One shot, one way of viewing, completely controlled by the choreographer.

This short, poignant black and white film pays homage to the work of fictional choreographer Heidi Dzinkowska. A lone, vulnerable dancer features in this authentically produced and expressionistically styled showcase.

Tra La La
Tra La La is a poetical reflection on the ephemeral nature of innocence and childhood. It magically combines live action with chalk drawing animation to create a black and white tale where three young women lead us through the lost imaginary realm of their past.

Line Dance
Inspired by dancing in a Brixton club, and the dynamic paintings of Jackson Pollock, Line Dance combines state of the art computer game technology with pioneering film animation techniques.
Motion capture technology was originally developed for medical research, but this film shows the technique capturing the beauty of natural human movement.
There are no cowboys in Line Dance.

An experimental film exploring the formalities and demands of Olympic gymnastics; seen through the determination, skill and playful competition of two girls at the Europa Gym Club, Erith, London.

Motion Control
Take one glamorous and aging dancer. Trap her in the real world. Smash into her private reality. Control her movement, contain her emotion. Well, you can try but she has already beaten you to it. With hyper-sound and super smart awareness, submit to this bizarre journey of entrapment.

Screen Dance Writing Workshop & Masterclass Thursday 28th October
Session One 12.30 - 2.30 (Spaces Limited)
Session Two 3.30 - 5.30

Forward Motion Screening
Date: October 28.
Time: 6.00 - 8.00pm - screening time 60 mins
Cost: $5 / free for workshop/masterclass participants
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