What does it mean to be young? What does it mean to be an artist? What is it like to be a young, self-supported artist? émergé brings together ten young artists, all with their own questions of identity and artistry, and presents six short performance works - works with all the gravitas and levity, poeticism and carelessness, abstraction and distraction characteristic of today's twenty-somethings.

Featuring works by several Australians, a Kiwi, a Canadian, and an American, émergé offers a trans-Pacific perspective of the universal experience of that black hole moment between student and established - what the dance world likes to call 'emerging.'

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Featuring new and upcoming faces, in sometimes autobiographical and sometimes fantastically conjectured moments, émigré/émergé takes a look at our pathways and goals, our simultaneous fears of failure and of boredom, our desires to be innovative and free, and how we decide where we are going to sleep each night.

Produced by: Melissa Rodis
Choreography by: Melissa Rodis, Sarah Aiken, Annabelle Balharry, Rebecca Jensen, Phillip Pavlou, Lilian Steiner, Heidi Straus
Performances by: Sarah Aiken, Annabelle Balharry, Penny Chivas, Rebecca Jensen, Amelia Linane, Emily Ranford, Lilian Steiner, Jessica Wong
Lighting Design by: Lucy Birkinshaw
Stage Management by: Liz Astey


In émigré/émergé, Melissa Rodis presents an abstract coming-of-age journey examining historical as well as current issues of displacement particularly in the guise of young and recent graduates.

always (t)here, by Heidi Strauss, is an exploration of distance and presence, being and remembering, finding oneself caught between two places at once, and not missing a second of it. It is about what is always a part of us. The solo for Penny Chivas shifts in rhythm, direction and dynamic inviting the watcher onto her roller coaster between memory and the moment. Early investigations developed around improvisations with situations from Penny's life crystal clear in her mind. Through the solo, you travel with her.

Q&Q, a trio by Annabelle Balharry, is about questions and living sensations. We are our own endless source of information even before we open our eyes.

In ID, Phillip Pavlou and Lillian Steiner ask who I am, who I think I am, how I want you to perceive me, how you first judged me...

In Sound Story, Rebecca Jensen examines our relationship with sound. As a signal perceived by one of the major senses, sound is used by many species for detecting danger, navigation, predation, and communication. Many species have also developed special organs to produce sound. In some species, these have evolved to produce song and speech.

When Sarah Aiken and Daniel Arnott discovered the corresponding use of terms such as phrase, articulation, form, dynamic in their respective art forms, they had a strikingly obvious realisation; that dance and music are pretty much the same. Dancemusic combines compositional forms with self-organising improvisations in an exploration of these similarities.

Date: Saturday July 10 at 7pm and Sunday July 11 at 2pm & 7pm.
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes Street North Carlton
Tickets: $15 Full, $12 Conc and Dancehouse Members
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