dance for the time being

dance for the time being is the presentation and continuous development of a new dance work through engagement in a regular sustained performance practice.

The work is constructed from many small movement modules that are performed in a sequential order in a cyclical manner.
The start of any given performance is determined by where the previous performance finished in the cycle and the end is determined by the stopwatch 50 minutes after the start.
Through a process of constant deconstruction and sustained critical dialogue with some of the most distinguished dance artists and scholars in Australia we will focus on two crucial relationships: the dancer-choreographer and the dancer-audience.
This work is an attempt to make a collective out of the individuals who constitute both audience and participants: a temporary collective - a community for the time being.

dance for the time being is being developed simultaneously in three cities-Melbourne, Helsinki and New York. The work involves emerging artists, principal dancers and associate/affiliated artists in each location.

Principal Dancers: Jonathan Sinatra, Aneke Hansen, Ana Mira, Satu Rekola, Linda Sastradipradja, Stuart Shugg and Nicole Jenvey.

Associate Artists: Dr Sally Gardner, Dr Elizabeth Dempster, Christine Babinskas, Reyes de Lara, Jude Walton, Dr Philipa Rothfield, Joanne Harris, Ion Pearce, Simon Lloyd, Russell Dumas (Director), Rebecca Hilton (Associate Director Melbourne), Ulla Koivisto (Affiliated Director Helsinki) and Sara Rudner (Affiliated Director New York City).

          Series 1 (2009)                                                                              Series 2 (2010)
          September 27                                                                                    January 21 & 24
          October 15 & 26                                                                                February 18 & 28
          November 19 & 22                                                                             March 18 & 28
          December 17                                                                                     April 15 & 25
                                                                                                                  May 20 & 23.

                                                      No Bookings: Admission $10 at door.

In Melbourne, performances will take place on the 3rd Thursday and the 4th Sunday of each month at Dancehouse from 5 - 6pm

Please note that from April 25 all performances will be  from 4 - 5 pm .

Time: 5 - 6pm and from April 25, 4 - 5pm

Post performance discussions with the audience will facilitate critical evaluation of the work.

These encounters will be led by the associate artists and will follow each Sunday performance.

Associate artists include Dr Philipa Rothfield, Dr Sally Gardner and Dr Elizabeth Dempster.