Lisa Benson

Dancehouse and ttP present:

Lisa Benson evanescent drawings  in the Dancehouse Gallery

Looking to capture a fleeting light

"Take a piece of photographic paper out of its box, expose it to light, and it will start to change. In the controlled space of the darkroom, this photo-chemical reaction is halted, unstable compounds are washed away, and the remaining surface becomes the end result........... "      

The New Zealand Herald Wednesday Jul 19, 2006



".... I think Lisa Benson is the most exciting photographer working in New Zealand at the moment - if only she'd throw away her camera. ...      

ARTBASH by John Hurrell 8 Aug 2006  

Dates: October 1 and 2 from 10am  - 6pm

Where: Dancehouse Gallery

Costs: No Charge

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