Choreographer/Dancer: Lauren Simmonds
Sound: Mijo Biscan & Ben TD

A performance sparked by the unseen laws and forces of nature. Through sculpture, sound and movement, Lauren Simmonds examines the patterns, forces, habits and rituals which escape conscious awareness, yet connect and confound humankind.

Why do we do the things we do? From humans going about their daily lives to the natural cycles of the sun, moon and seasons. Unseen is an intimate, immersive work built on a reverence for the things we can't see. A playful and thought-provoking offering to audiences, using light and shadow to reveal the humanness of everyday existence. 

This session will be facilitated by TBC

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Venue: Dancehouse, UPSTAIRS STUDIO (this event is not wheelchair accessible)
Date/Time: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 7pm
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes (with a facilitated post-showing discussion)
Bookings: FREE (bookings essential) BOOK NOW


Lauren Simmonds' practice crosses drawing, sculpture, installation and Live Art performance. She often uses her body as a medium to traverse these art forms as a way to unify and activate the sculptural qualities of her works. Previous works have taken the form of immersive kinetic installations that are part performance, part anthropological study and part sculpture. Her works have multi-layered outcomes, sometimes manifesting as drawings and others as paintings, photographs and video.

Lauren embodies her works in performance and immerses her audience in environments which allow her to engage directly with them to facilitate greater changes in state, immersion and connection. It is for this reason that her artworks and in particular her performance work appear as rituals themselves. Lauren works with everyday materials, which she activates in playful ways to change their inherent language in order to accentuate their innate qualities and untapped beauty. 

Her works encompass themes of mysticism, symbolism, energy and biological rhythms to conceptualise invisible forces of our inner and outer worlds. She explores the subconscious and unconscious states of herself, her environment and humanity. 


Image credit: Theresa Harrison


The first stage of this work was created via the Metanoia Live Art Program.