Professional dancer, Abbie Madden (Ponydance), explores the ins and outs of a not-so-obvious disability. Teaming with Ryan Darwin (NICA), they create a quirky and atmospheric interpretation of the relationship between being sighted and not sighted - exploring shifts in power, poignant moments and pure physicality. Can someone who is fully sighted, move and dance as if they have never had their sight; and can someone who has had their sight removed exhibit the freedom and confidence as if they still do? These are some of the questions addressed throughout the performance. Showing that a lack of sight is not a block to approaching physical expression, but merely an obstacle that needs to be circumnavigated with specific tools and methods.

Director: Debra Batton
Performers: Abbie Madden, Ryan Darwin


Date: 13-17 September
Times: 6:30pm
Where: SKYLAB, Dancehouse
Cost: $25 F | $20 C | $15 DH Members




14 - 17 September:
$39 ($13 each)


Debra Batton is a renowned independent artist, director, performer, choreographer, and teacher with thirty years of experience. Batton was the Artistic Director of Legs on the Wall for nearly ten years and awarded two Helpmann Awards for On The Case, which premiered at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Arts Festival. Batton is half of clown duo Batton & Broadway, and has also directed for Circus Oz, The Women's Circus, NICA and Australian Theatre for Young People. She performed in Calamity for the Zoe Louise Moonbeam Dawson Shakespeare Company; as part of NEON Festival of Independent Theatre in 2015 in The Waiting Room; as part of Big West Festival 2013 in Born in a Taxi; in Alexandra Harrison's What's Coming and She knows too Much, both at Dancehouse. In 2013, Batton spent five months in China as the Circus Choreographer for the preschool TV series Hoopla Doopla (ABC).

Abbie Madden is a dancer trained in Adelaide, Australia who left the sunshine behind to work with a company she dreamed to perform with, ponydance. Arriving in Belfast she worked for ponydance for two years, along with other independent artists in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since returning to Australia Abbie is expanding her artistic practice through multidisciplinary collaborations. Abbie was born with congenital glaucoma and a few other conditions, that has given her a life times experience of working and performing with a visual disability. 

Ryan Darwin is a quirky, driven performer who uses a combination of juggling, Rola Bola, corde lisse and handstands to create moments of beautiful simplicity. His aim – to present circus at a human level, and embrace the uncertainty along the way. They have joined forces to combine their highly physical skill sets to create work that is impressive and impactful.


The artists gratefully acknowledge the Ralph Mclean Fringe Artist Grant, the LWDance Hub residency and The Space Arts and Dance Centre. The artists would also like to thank their mentor, Tessa Waters.