The Treasure, White Fan & Xing

Redspan Dance Company aims to span the divide between traditional Chinese and modern western art-forms. Artistic Director Feng Feng Wang has created a environment for dancers and artists from both Asian and Western cultures to
collaborate together and develop an original character and style that expresses a complex and subtle aesthetic.

White Fan is a solo piece based on forbidden love which uses modern dance techniques to recreate the traditional Chinese fan dance with unique and spellbinding results. In Xing, fi ve dancers explore the circulation between the fi ve traditional Chinese "Taoism" elements of wood, fi re, earth, water, and metal, while in The Treasure two dancers investigate the personal aspects of yin and yang within an
intimate relationship.

Redspan Dance Company's beauty is expressed through intimacy, elegance, simplicity and abstract grace, and should not be missed.

When: 6 Sep 8pm, 7 Sep 2pm & 6pm
Bookings: / 9347 2860

Further information about these performances (PDF document)