This work is about re-visiting the spectacle of dance and creating a group performance that looks at the dancing body in a performance context. Abbott is interested in the virtuosic and post-virtuosic performer and how these states can play with both control and vulnerability. She will work with other dancers and performers to create scenarios for the theatre in order to interrogate audience/performer relationships, expectations and power dynamics.

Abbott will look at large scale, big budget spectacular productions and create lo-fi versions of them. This is a first stage testing of ideas.

I believe in putting ideas in front of an audience raw so that I can then learn from the performance situation and move further into the development of concept. - Natalie Abbott


Venue: Dancehouse (Sylvia Staehli Theatre)
Date/Time: FRIDAY November 4, 7.00pm
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes (with a facilitated post-showing discussion)
Bookings: FREE (bookings essential)

NATALIE ABBOTT is an Australian performance maker/choreographer who travels both nationally and internationally with her practice. Over the past three years, Natalie has self-produced and toured her work throughout Australia and the world including; YuNG + OPN (YOuNG + OPEN) which premiered at the 2015 Taipei Arts Festival in Collaboration with Arts House, Melbourne; MAXIMUM, Next Wave (NW) 2014, SCORE @Performance Space 2014, Avignon OFF Festival France 2014, Dancehouse Dance Massive 2015, PICA Perth 2015, La Boite Brisbane 2015; PHYSICAL FRACTALS, NW 2012, PACT Sydney 2012, AH Dance Massive 2013.

In 2015, Natalie was an artist in residence at the Marina Abramovic Residency through Kaldor Public Art Projects (KPAP) in Sydney where she began research in critique, physical failure and performer vulnerability. She performed at the Venice Biennale with Young Boys Dancing Group and in Zurich as part of Body and Freedom. Natalie also performed with French choreographer Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu in Temporary Title 2015 through KPAP.

Natalie is interested in constructing and de-constructing performance. She is currently investigating physical failure, post virtuosity, lo-fi spectacle, beyond 100% and builds during performance. She is currently developing new works, LIMITLESS and NIKES, and her choreographic practice through residencies around Australia and the world including Organhaus in Chongqing, China.

ALISON CROGGON is a fantasy novelist, poet and critic who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She writes in many genres, including criticism, theatre and prose. She is the author of the acclaimed young adult fantasy quartet, The Books of Pellinor. She has until very recently published reviews and critical texts on her blog, Theatre Notes, and more recently on her Tumblr. More information on Alison Croggon can be found on her website.


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