A performative lecture
Saturday 11 April 8pm – Sunday 12 April 6pm


A prophet, a dancer, a philosopher, a healer, an entertainer.

Triptych – the future, the present, the could be.

And the epilogue performed by the audience.

A lecture demo with a bit of witchcraft, peculiar dancing and lots of wits and irony.

In this satirical performed lecture, Jennifer Lacey prophesies about the future of performance . It's not hard to look into the future, provided you have enough humour: and she's got plenty; seated at a table between two candles, she makes all sorts of mock predictions about the future of performance at a time when performance has no legitimate concern with the future. For example, about the fact that today’s hairstyles will look extraordinarily stupid some day. Or that, in the future, some of us will die, and the others later. And that boredom will be recognised as a mystery and an opportunity. After this allusion to the science fiction film "Gattaca", as already suggested by the title, Jennifer Lacey dances and strikes up a cocktail party conversation. The US American choreographer from New York who lives in Paris is well-known for the way in which she conceptually processes her performances as real situations while leaving enough room for the poetic.

"This piece was made especially for the Tanzquartier in Vienna under the stewardship of Sigrid Gareis in 2008. The event bore this unlikely title: A Precise Woodstock of thinking. I was asked to consider the future of performance. Hmmm… What to do? My own future was more-than-unusually uncertain at that moment, which created a lovely calm about the whole business as projections seemed un-urgent, unnecessary, inappropriate . I made the only thing I could which I still enjoy doing. The very pretty irony is that performance has no legitimate concern with the future. And also, this version of the future is a bit dated. Lovely. Please Come."

"a fearless, whip-smart artist" – Brian Seibert, The New York Times. Read full review here


The world is in darkness and needs your help! Let us bring our powers to the land and alleviate the helplessness inherent in the human condition! Dance is such an opaque medium, so elusive and strange to the general population that the skills used to bring it to a state of comprehensibility are easily repurposed for clarifying other obscurities such as fate and finance! YOU have the power to change destinies with tools you do not even know you posses! (proselytizing crackpot voice, veering unsteadily between satire and parody).
-- J. Lacey



Dates: 11 - 12 April
Time: Sat 11 - 8pm | Sun 12 - 6pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre - this event is wheelchair accessible
Cost: $20 F | $15 Conc/Member
Bookings: click here

Gattica was made possible with support from Tanzquartier Wein.

Image credit: Ian Douglas

JENNIFER LACEY is an American choreographer now based in Paris. During the 90s while New York City, Lacey was a member of the Randy Warshaw Dance Company as well as a dancer with Jennifer Monson, DD Dorvillier, John Jasperse, Yvonne Meir and Ellen Fisher among others. At the same time, she began developing her own work, which was presented at PS 122, Movement Research, Danspace as well as at many European venues and festivals, notably the Kaai theatre, Menagerie de Verre and the Szene Salzburg Festival.

In 2000, Lacey moved to Paris, founded Megagloss with Carole Bodin and began what became a longstanding collaboration with artist Nadia Lauro. Their collaboration has produced many works including "$Shot", "Chateaux of France", "Mhmmmmm" and "Les Assistantes". A monograph of their work was published in 2007. In addition to her work with Lauro, Lacey has founded a number of projects with ambiguous borders: "Projet Bonbonnière" - a research and living project designed to rehabilitate Italianate theatres; "Prodwhee" - a disposable series of performances using the dance residency as currency; "Robinhood" - a mythic and invisible performance with artist Cerith Wyn Evans; "Robinhood - The Tour" - an act of theft perpetuated with composer/musician Hecker, presented recently at the Tate Modern; and "Transmaniastan" - a work commissioned for "a choreographed exhibition" at the Kunsthalle, St. Gallen. She has also produced several solos: "Two Discussions of an Anterior Event" (2004), "Tall" (2007) and "Ouch"(2007) (a tap version of Carolee Scheeman's Internal Scroll). In 2009, she presented "Culture & Administration", a duet in collaboration with Antonija Livingstone. For the past two tears, she has been in residence at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in Paris. During this time she has produced two projects, "Ma premiere fois avec un dramaturge", and "I heart Lygia Clark". These projects are performative but fall outside the standard modes of dance production and spectacle. In 2011, Lacey premiered a collaboration with American choreographer Wally Cardona and Jonathan Bepler, "Tool Is Loot". This group is currently engaged in a 4-year 8-part project, "The Set-Up" based in meetings with international dance "masters". She is also currently presenting Culture Administration and Trembling a work made with Antonijia Livingstone, Steven Thompson, and Domanique Petrin.

She has taught technique, improvisation, composition etc. all over the globe for the last 15 years in institutions, studios and festivals. As a teacher of technique Lacey has been influenced by her studies with Release Technique pioneer Joan Skinner. Over the past 10 years, her teaching has expanded into her artistic practice. The form of the workshops is taken as performative and capable of producing content rather than just transmitting it. She has been developmental in designing and running a project at the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna for artists who teach. This program is in its 6th year and will function as the DanceWeb coach this year.

Jennifer received a Doris Duke Impact Award in 2014.