Solos for Other People



Solos for Other People will explore the possibilities of language and the transmission of these ideas in choreography and in the presence of an audience. Connections are drawn between the sense of a solo work and an ensemble work, drawing attention to the interesting nuances of performance, including the assumed reflexive nature of the solo performance. The chosen space, a basketball gymnasium, is redolent of performance, activity and familiarity. With the work of artists Anne-Marie May and Milo Kossowski, a music score enlivens the competitively associated environment to create an expansive one, encouraging a multidimentional and sensory experience. 

Solos for Other People is about how we move in the world as agents and observers, continually making decisions and assessing our options: finding our way. As a series of moments, the work develops notions of artifice, authenticity, translation, communication and enacting via the strength of communication between a choreographer and her performers.

"The performance is about me/not about me, will show you/will not show you my choreographic signature, is me/is not me performing. Solos for Other People explores choreography and how it functions in this world of shifting contexts, authenticity and expertise." – Shelley Lasica

Choreographer & Director: Shelley Lasica
Music: Milo Kossowski
Composition: Anne-Marie May
Lighting Designer:
Costume Designer: Belinda Hellier
Performers: Natalie Abbott, Deanne Butterworth, Timothy Harvey, Jo Lloyd, Daniel Newell, Bonnie Paskas, Lily Paskas, Deborah Saxon, Lee Serle, Kylie Walters
Producer: Kara Ward


SHELLEY LASICA is an Australian choreographer and dancer whose practice is characterised by cross-disciplinary collaborations and an interest in the presentation of dance in various spatial contexts. The prolific and vast repertoire of Lasica's choreographic works and installations spans 30 years and includes Melbourne Festival, National Gallery of Victoria, Centre Nationale de la Danse (Pantin, Paris); Siobhan Davies Studios (London), Dance Massive and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Her career illustrates an enduring interest in thinking about dance and movement and the many contexts in which they occur. She is concerned with what dance means to people, how it functions and how it can be used to shape our experience of the world. Major themes explored in her work are the interaction between spoken, written and movement language, loss of memory and senses, coincidence and the subject of space. Lasica is highly recognised as a mentor and creative agent facilitating the development of successful choreographers and dancers.


Dates: 13, 15, 20, 22 March
Times: Fri 13, 20: 1pm & 7pm | Sun 15, 22: 11am
Where: Carlton Baths, 248 Rathdowne Street Carlton - this event is wheelchair accessible
Cost: $25 F | $20 C | $15 DH Members
Bookings: click here

Image credit: Helen Grogan & Shelley Lasica

Solos for Other People
is supported by the City of Yarra through Dancehouse; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; and the City of Melbourne.