Dance Massive 2015 is presented at Dancehouse with the support of:

In 2009, 2011 and 2013, Dance Massive saw bold works, sell-out seasons and a coming together of artists and dance-lovers from around Australia. The Dance Massive consortium: Arts House, Dancehouse and Malthouse Theatre in association with Ausdance Victoria are pleased to announce the dance programming, events and activities for Dance Massive 2015.

At the vanguard of contemporary dance, Dancehouse is profoundly committed to presenting rigorous, cutting-edge and challenging research and performance, thus playing a significant role in the development of innovative dance, new audiences and ongoing artistic enquiry.

For Dance Massive 2015, the Dancehouse peer panel has selected a mix of new and existing works, including a dance-on-screen work and an off-site performance.



Prue Lang
10 - 13 March


As architect and designer Frederick Kiesler pointed out in his manifesto for stage space that embraced three-dimensionality: "There is only one space element: motion." And if we map 'motion', it is against one axis representing space and one representing time. SPACEPROJECT is the investigation of movement through the perception of space. The work has at its heart the human body; the body as living receptor, measurer and generator of understandings of space and time.


Shelley Lasica
Solos for Other People
13, 15, 20, 22 March


This work is built with ten solo dance pieces, made one-on-one, with dancers Shelley worked with in the past. This new work will explore the possibilities of languages and the transmission of ideas in choreography, and the particular relationship between one, the dancer and the audience and how this builds meaning. Solos for Other People will be presented at Carlton Baths in the basket ball stadium working with artists Anne-Marie May to create mise-en-scene and Milo Kossowski a music score to create an expansive environment to enjoy the multidimensional and sensory experience.


Natalie Abbott
14 - 17 March


A dancer. A bodybuilder. Endurance. Durability. MAXIMUM tests the boundaries between of the body through extreme physical endurance and exhaustion. Two highly trained performers sweat it out on stage, pushing themselves beyond exhaustion to reveal the full potential of the human body. With every tiny action repeated, intensified, the energy of the performance space is lifted, it is palpable, it is visceral. MAXIMUM takes a sharp look at these disparate forms of physicality, highlighting the ability of two diverse bodies to achieve unity through performance.


Atlanta Eke
Body of Work
16 - 18 March


Atlanta's piece aims to operate as an allegory of how to be 'present'. To be in the 'here and now', is often to be corrupted by traditions from the past and strategies aiming at success in the future. The work explores the paradox of how the 'present' is a point of transition from the past to the future, as well as a place for the permanent rewriting of both past and future. It will do this through exploring the tension between a performance and the documentation of a performance, by making them one in the same.


Paula Lay
10,000 small deaths
20 - 22 March


A cinematic solo dance performance exploring the poetics of the imagination through its embodied manifestations. In the smallest of ways the transience of the body and the tension of shifting between past, present and future is tracked. Body and memory, a lifetime of collected impressions, habits and attitudes meet with inspiration drawn broadly from Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch, manga artist Takaya Miou, and more recently by the visual artist Wangechi Mutu.


Sue Healey
On View: Quintet
20 - 22 March


A performance installation by Sue Healey concerned with the act of seeing and being seen, two intrinsic elements of the art form of dance. It presents video portraits of 7 diverse Australian dance artists: Martin del Amo (NSW), Shona Erskine (WA), Benjamin Hancock (VIC), Raghav Handa (NSW), Nalina Wait (NSW), Dame Lucette Aldous (WA) and Shirley McKechnie OAM (VIC), with live performances by 4 of the featured artists. The work is shown as a 3 channel HD video installation that can be open to the public during day hours, with live performances scheduled within the installation at night.




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DANCE MASSIVE is an initiative of Arts House, Malthouse and Dancehouse in conjunction with Ausdance Victoria and with the support of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and the Victoria Government through Creative Victoria.