ROS WARBY: Double Bill



Court Dance (2014)

Choreography and Performance: Ros Warby

Court Dance is Warby's new solo currently in development. Underlying this work is a consideration of our relationship to hierarchy and its impact on our systems through its constant presence, however subtle. Within the work Warby attempts to eliminate hierarchy within individual movement and performance vocabularies in order to expand these vocabularies to include what has not yet been imagined.

The development of this solo has been supported by UCLA World Arts and Cultures / Dance through the creation of an ensemble work for 9 students under the same title. This work was based on Warby's recent trio work, Tower Suites (2012). The UCLA ensemble version was performed in the spring of 2014.

"The multi-award winning dancer moves dynamically, as though dance is her first language, combining the most primal yet simultaneously mechanical dance style with great discipline and precision" - Elspeth McIntosh, ArtsHub

"Warby's dances are among the most communicative around, assiduous to the nth degree and never pretentious" - Lee Christophis, The Australian

No Time to Fly (2010)

Choreography: Deborah Hay
Adaptation and Performance: Ros Warby

No Time to Fly is choreographed to provide clear and comprehensive instances of non-linear reality for the performer and audience alike. The dancer is practicing a continuity of discontinuity within her unique experience of the choreography – thus engaging the depth of her dancing. The dancers choice to perform much of the choreographed material that determines No time to fly requires catastrophic acts of perception as she dis-attaches from a multitude of former behavior. (D.Hay)

In 2011 Hay re created her solo No Time to Fly into a trio, As Holy Sites Go, which was the first contribution to the Forsythe Company's Motion Bank Project, the groundbreaking choreographic mapping initiative. Each dancer, including Warby, entered this process having practiced and prepared the work as a solo. A year later in 2012/13 the work came to fruition as a duet with Ros Warby and Jeannine Durning.

Warby now brings her solo adaptation of No Time to Fly back into play after practicing the choreographic underpinnings of No time to Fly across 3 years.

"To watch the two dancers of Deborah Hay's As Holy Sites Go/duet … is like observing members of a new species, with plenty of animal characteristics. … They're so motivated and strangely coherent that the realm they make onstage is large and satisfying. We watch like anthropologists, anxious not to disturb. … The choreography exemplifies the poetry that the Judson movement achieved" - New York Times

"Ms Warby is a treasure. She moves with an operatic fullness and emotes with shameless abandon, all the while remaining fascinatingly inscrutable" - New York Times


ROS WARBY is one of Australia's leading dancer/choreographers. She has been creating and performing solo dance since 1990 and her award winning work has been presented in Australia, Europe and the USA. Warby has also performed with numerous companies and artists including Dance Works, Dance Exchange, Lucy Guerin Inc. and the Deborah Hay Dance Company, bringing her heightened and unique approach to performance to each of these contexts. Warby trained in Europe with Marika Besobrasova, Monte Carlo, Central School of Ballet, London, and the Royal Danish Ballet School, The European Dance Development Centre with Eva Karczag, Netherlands, and Lisa Nelson and Dana Reitz, USA.

Recognised for her unique performance work, the solo dances Warby creates invoke characters that often transcend archetypes by sliding between iconic figures and ideas, allowing the body to suggest the complex experience of a human being at any one moment. The creation of her work has benefited from the rapport she has nurtured with her creative team over the past 20 years, designer Margie Medlin and composer Helen Mountfort. With Warby they create an elaborate interplay between the elements of dance, film, sound and light, and craft a dialogue between these forms, where they coexist in a manner rarely achieved in multi- disciplinary work.

Her critically acclaimed works SOLOS (2001) and SWIFT (2003) have toured extensively including Adelaide and Melbourne Festivals; Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, USA; South Bank Centre, London; Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC; Trafo, Budapest; Nottdance Festival, UK; and London's Dance Umbrella. MONUMENTAL(2006) premiered at the Melbourne International Arts Festival and toured the US in April 2009 to critical acclaim. In 2010 it toured to the Venice Biennale and London's Dance Umbrella, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and at the Sydney Opera House in September 2011 as part of the Springdance Festival, and in 2013 to the Dublin Dance Festival. Warby and Medlin's cinematic version of SWIFT (2006) was televised in 2007 on ABC and has been screened at international festivals worldwide. 

Since 2012 Warby has been a visiting Assistant Professor in the department World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and continues to develop and tour solo work.




Dates: 11 - 12 December
Time: 8pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre (wheelchair accessible)
Cost: $10 - $25
Bookings: click here

A Dance Sites Network project in partnership with Critical Path (Sydney) and STRUT (Perth). Ros Warby is also part of the MoveMe Improvisation Festival, Perth 22-30 Nov and part of the Improvisation Practices Symposium at Critical Path 27 Nov – 7 Dec.

Image credit: Rino Pizzi