In partnership with micadanses, Paris and with the support of the Australia Council IETM Collaboration Project and the Keir Foundation, Dancehouse International presents...



In Les matins de la Danse -- At Theatre de la Condition des Soies 


Dates: July 5 to July 14
Time: 10am

Also, part of the program:

ROUND-TABLE – PRODUCING AND PRESENTING DANCE – from Catalonia to Australia – July 13 – Maison du OFF

Facilitated by dance critic Philippe Verriele



Choreographer/Performer Natalie Abbott
Performer/Collaborator Donny Henderson-Smith
Lighting Design Matthew Adey
Dramaturge Matthew Day

A dancer. A bodybuilder. Endurance. Durability. MAXIMUM tests the boundaries between of the body through extreme physical endurance and exertion.

Two highly trained performers sweat it out on stage, pushing themselves beyond exhaustion to reveal the full potential of the human body. With every tiny action repeated, intensified, the energy of the performance space is lifted, it is palpable, it is visceral.

MAXIMUM takes a sharp look at these disparate forms of physicality, highlighting the ability of two diverse bodies to achieve unity through performance.

The austerity of the performance grants it a transparency that allows all sorts of unexpected subtleties to emerge – meditations on gender, sexuality, strength and weakness, human discipline and physical presence. Beautifully achieved, exhilarating work. Alison Croggon, 

Presented by Next Wave, PACT Sydney, with the support of Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, DHS Divas and City of Melbourne.



Concept/choreography/performance: Matthew Day
Dramaturgy: Martin del Amo
Sound: James Brown
Light: Travis Hodgson

Intermission, the final work in a series, immerses itself completely in the deep unconscious waves and rhythms that began to emerge in Cannibal.

The audience enter a soft blue-black chamber and encounter a lone figure circling at its centre, almost imperceptibly. Starting small and quietly, the repetitive circular movement produces a multiplicity of unconscious rhythms and subterranean waves as the work unfolds. A minimal and unrelenting live sound score pushes up against the choreography that creates tension and relief from the hypnotic insistence of the work and the suspended moments of energy and stillness.

In its small way, by slowing down time and expanding space, by creating an affective community, by rejecting spectacle for co-presence, Intermission is a demonstration of another way of being in the world, of empathetic being together. - Jana Perkovic, Guerilla Semiotics


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and Arts House with a Culture Lab residency.