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Choreography and Corporeality - Relay in Motion - Eds. Thomas F Defrantz and Philipa Rothfield - $100

This book renews thinking about the moving body by drawing on dance practice and performance from across the world. Eighteen internationally recognised scholars show how dance can challenge our thoughts and feelings about our own and other cultures, our emotions and prejudices, and our sense of public and private space. In so doing, they offer a multi-layered response to ideas of affect and emotion, culture and politics, and ultimately, the place of dance and art itself within society.

The Incorporeal - Ontology, Ethics, and the Limits of Materialism - Elizabeth Grosz - $40

Grosz shows that not only are idealism and materialism inextricably linked but that this "belonging together" of the entirety of ideality and the entirety of materiality is not mediated or created by human consciousness. Instead, it is an ontological condition for the development of human consciousness. Grosz draws from Spinoza's material and ideal concept of substance, Nietzsche's amor fati, Deleuze and Guattari's plane of immanence, Simondon's preindividual, and Raymond Ruyer's self-survey or autoaffection to show that the world preexists the evolution of the human and that its material and incorporeal forces are the conditions for all forms of life, human and nonhuman alike.

Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth - by Elizabeth Grosz - $35

Instead of treating art as a unique creation that requires reason and refined taste to appreciate, Elizabeth Grosz argues that art-especially architecture, music, and painting-is born from the disruptive forces of sexual selection. She approaches art as a form of erotic expression connecting sensory richness with primal desire, and in doing so, finds that the meaning of art comes from the intensities and sensations it inspires, not just its intention and aesthetic.

Unmarked: The Politics of Performance - by Peggy Phelan - $58

Unmarked is a controversial analysis of the fraught relation between political and representational visibility in contemporary culture. Written from and for the Left, Unmarked rethinks the claims of visibility politics through a feminist psychoanalytic examination of specific performance texts - including photography, painting, film, theatre and anti-abortion demonstrations.

Thought in the Act: Passages in the Ecology of Experience - by Erin Manning & Brian Massumi - $39

Combining philosophy and aesthetics, Thought in the Act is a unique exploration of creative practice as a form of thinking. Challenging the common opposition between the conceptual and the aesthetic, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi "think through" a wide range of creative practices in the process of their making, revealing how thinking and artfulness are intimately, creatively, and inseparably intertwined. They rediscover this intertwining at the heart of everyday perception and investigate its potential for new forms of activism at the crossroads of politics and art.

Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power: Capitalism, Creativity and the Commons - $35

"How do we move beyond austerity and the colonization of creativity? Today, when it seems like everything has been privatized, when austerity is too often seen as an economic or political problem that can be solved through better policy and when the idea of moral values has been commandeered by the Right, how can we re-imagine the forces used as weapons against community, solidarity, ecology and life itself? In this stirring call to arms, Max Haiven argues that capitalism has colonized how we all imagine and express what is valuable. Looking at the decline of the public sphere, the corporatization of education, the privatization of creativity and the power of finance capital in opposition to the power of the imagination and the growth of contemporary social movements, Haiven provides a powerful argument for creating an anti-capitalist commons. Not only is capitalism a crisis itself, but moving beyond it is the only key to survival."

A Thousand Plateaus - by Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari - $39

This book has set the agenda for contemporary Continental philosophy, arguing for a new theory of radical democracy in politics and art. A Thousand Plateaus completes the landmark philosophical project, Capitalism and Schizophrenia, which Deleuze and Guattari began with Anti-Oedipus. Together, the two volumes are widely regarded as the single most brilliant work of Continental philosophy of the last 40 years.

Artist at Work, Proximity of Art and Capitalism - Bojana Kunst - $30

The main affirmation of artistic practice must today happen through thinking about the conditions and the status of the artist's work. Only then can it be revealed that what is a part of the speculations of capital is not art itself, but mostly artistic life. Artist at Work examines the recent changes in the labour of an artist and addresses them from the perspective of performance.

Dorothea Von Hantelmann: How to Do Things with Art - $32

"At the heart of 'How to Do Things with Art' lies the question of art's relevance to society. How does art become politically or socially significant? This book attempts to answer this question on a theoretical level, and to indicate, through the analysis of works by James Coleman, Daniel Buren, Jeff Koons, and Tino Seghal, how artists can create and shape social relevance; in other words, to provide what could be called a pragmatic understanding of art's societal impact."

Poetics of Contemporary Dance - by Laurence Louppe - $35

Poetics of Contemporary Dance is a major reference work originally published in French. It's author, historian and critic Laurence Louppe, is renowned for her perception and insight. Drawing on the whole practical and theoretical heritage of modern dance and it's pre-cursors and including discussion of works up to and including the 1980s, Louppe brilliantly and eruditely reviews the main 'tools' of contemporary dance creation and thought: the body, weight, space, time, flow, breath, style and composition.

I want to be ready - by Banielle Goldman - $35

Danielle Goldman's contribution to the theory and history of improvisation in dance is rich, beautiful and extraordinary. In her careful, rigorously imaginative analysis of the discipline of choreography in real time, Goldman both compels and allows us to become initiates in the mysteries of flight and preparation. Want To Be Ready draws on original archival research, careful readings of individual performances, and a thorough knowledge of dance scholarship to offer an understanding of the "freedom" of improvisational dance.

The Mind is a Muscle - by Catherine Wood - $22

An extended exploration of Yvonne Rainer's influential 1968 dance program The Mind is a Muscle, discussing its critique of relations between labor and value, its relationship to 1960s art practice in New York, leisure time in postwar America, and the mind-body duality.

Exhausting Dance - by Andre Lepecki - $43

The only scholarly book in English dedicated to recent European contemporary dance, Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement examines the work of key contemporary choreographers who have transformed the dance scene since the early 1990s in Europe and the US. This book offers a significant and radical revision of the way we think about dance, arguing for the necessity of a renewed engagement between dance studies and experimental artistic and philosophical practices.

Taken by Surprise - by Ann Cooper Albright a.o. - $35

This collection of classic and new writings on dance improvisation brings together 21 essays by prominent dancers, scholars and historians. Until now, discussion of improvisation in dance has focused mainly on the postmodern form known as contact improv. Taken by Surprise reflects the development of improvisation as a compositional and performance mode in a wide variety of dance contexts, including dance traditions from around the globe, such as Yoruban masked dance, Indian Bharatanatyam and flamenco.

CONTRIBUTORS: Ann Cooper Albright, Sally Banes, Bruce Curtis, Kent Despain, Margaret Thompson Drewal, Simone Forti, Susan Leigh Foster, David Gere, Raymond W. Gibbs, JR, Michelle Heffner Hayes, Carmela Hermann, Constance Valis Hill, Rachel Kaplan, Maura Keefe, Victoria Marks, Avanthi Meduri, Steve Paxton, Janice Ross, Karen Schaffman, Nancy Stark Smith, Ellen Webb, Ruth Zaporah.

What I think when I think about dancing - $25

Exhibition catalogue and interviews, Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW

DanceFilm - by Erin Brannigan - $30

Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image examines the choreographic in cinema - the way choreographic elements inform cinematic operations in dancefilm. It traces the history of the form from some of its earliest manifestations in the silent film era, through the historic avant-garde, musicals and music videos to contemporary experimental short dancefilms. In so doing it also examines some of the most significant collaborations between dancers, choreographers, and filmmakers.

William Forsythe - by Steven Spier - $42

William Forsythe and the Practice of Choreography presents a diverse range of critical writings on his work, with illuminating analysis of his practice from an interdisciplinary perspective. The book also contains insightful working testaments from Forsythe's collaborators, as well as a contribution from the choreographer himself. With essays covering all aspects of Forsythe's past and current work, readers are provided with an unparalleled view into the creative world of this visionary artist, as well as a comprehensive resource for students, scholars, and practitioners of ballet and contemporary dance today.

Terpsichore in Sneakers - by Sally Banes - $38

Drawing on the postmodern perspective and concerns that informed her groundbreaking Terpischore in Sneakers, Sally Bane's Writing Dancing documents the background and development of avant-garde and popular dance, analyzing individual artists, performances, and entire dance movements. With a sure grasp of shifting cultural dynamics, Banes shows how postmodern dance is integrally connected to other oppositional, often marginalized strands of dance culture, and considers how certain kinds of dance move from the margins to the mainstream.

A Choreographer's Handbook - by Jonathan Burrows - $30

A Choreographer's Handbook invites the reader to investigate how and why to make a dance performance. In an inspiring and unusually empowering sequence of stories, ideas and paradoxes, internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher Jonathan Burrows explains how it's possible to navigate a course through this complex process.

The Thinking Body - by Mabel Elsworth Todd - $32

A classic study of physiology and the effect of psychological processes on movement that has a mind/body approach, which makes it a favorite of dancers.

Trisha Brown: So That the Audience Does Not Know Whether I Have Stopped Dancing - by Philip Bither - $38

This volume, published to accompany an exhibition at the Walker Art Center, presents a broad survey of Brown's visual arts practice going back more than three decades. Featuring over 40 drawings, it includes essays by exhibition curator Peter Eleey and performing arts curator Philip Bither, as well as a specially-commissioned survey of Brown's drawing vocabulary contributed by the artist.

Anna Halprin - by Janice Ross - $40

This first comprehensive biography examines Halprin's fascinating life in the context of American culture - in particular popular culture and the West Coast as a center of artistic experimentation from the Beats through the Hippies. Janice Ross chronicles Halprin's long, remarkable career, beginning with the dancer's grandparents - who escaped Eastern European pogroms and came to the United States at the turn of the last century - and ending with the present day, when Halprin continues to defy boundaries between artistic genres as well as between participants and observers. As she follows Halprin's development from youth into old age, Ross describes in engrossing detail the artist's roles as dancer, choreographer, performance theorist, community leader, cancer survivor, healer, wife, and mother.

Identity, Performance & Technique - by Susan Broadhurst - $85

This book investigates the implications of technology on identity in embodied performance; the discussion within it forms a forum of debate exploring the interrelationship of and between identities in performance practices, informed by new technologies. This collection considers how identity is formed, de-formed, constructed, deconstructed, blurred and celebrated within diverse approaches to technological performance practices.

My Body, My Budhist - by Deborah Hay - $28

Through a series of imaginative approaches to movement and performance, choreographer Deborah Hay presents a profound reflection on the ephemeral nature of the self and the body as the locus of artistic consciousness. Using the same uniquely playful poetics of her revolutionary choreography, she delivers one of the most revealing accounts of what art creation entails and the ways in which the body, the center of our aesthetic knowledge of the world, can be regarded as our most informed teacher.

Face to Face: Making Dance and Theatre in Community - by Judi Fisher & Beth Shelton - $30

The culmination of ten years of community performance, service, exploration and struggle in a small inner-city community centre. Judi and Beth take us on a journey of insight into how community performance is made: from conception, through creative process, to deepening and coming of age. They share processes of trial and error, discuss how to avoid 'icebergs' and take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the many artists and hundreds of people in the projects.


Writings on Dance - $12-25
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DVDs and others

DVD Rosas Shorts - $50

Three short films based on the work of choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: Monoloog van Fumiyo Ikeda op Het Einde van Ottone/Ottone directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Walter Verdin, Rosa directed by Peter Greenaway and Tippeke directed by Thierry De Mey.

DVD Pina - by Wim Wenders - $30

A tribute to the late German choreographer, Pina Bausch, as her dancers perform her most famous creations.

DVD Kalarippayatti - $50

The DVD is part of the nagarika series, conceived as an integrated information system on Indian performance and physical traditions showcasing some of the concepts of the body as well as the principles of movement underlying these traditions. It focuses on the Northern style of Kalarippayattu martial art.

Dancehouse Bag - $7