Curated Seasons

Dancehouse is profoundly committed to presenting rigorous, cutting-edge and challenging research and performance, thus playing a significant role in the development of innovative dance, new audiences and ongoing artistic enquiry.

All curated seasons at Dancehouse are governed by criteria of quality and relevance to the Australian contemporary dance landscape as well as by the wish to expose the audience to what we believe to be the very best of the current explorations. Most of these programs are assessed by large peer panels, including professionals from other art forms or key stakeholders.

We are strongly committed to notions of transparency and fair geographical representation. We strive to present dance makers at all stages of their careers, with a particular interest for the early-careers artists (whom we support by also providing a specifically-tailored supportive and mentoring environment), as well as experimental, at times insular researches which do not easily find opportunities to reach their audiences.

Many of the curated seasons are co-presented with partner organisations, as a way to deliver dance to new and diverse audiences as well as to expose artists to multiple production sources and contexts.



This program offers renewed exposure and presenting opportunities for already existing works. Dancehouse Invites also brings to Melbourne interstate artists as well as works by international visiting artists. Dancehouse presents in average five different seasons as part of this program.



Dance Massive is a biannual festival and a joint initiative of Dancehouse, Malthouse and Arts House in collaboration with Ausdance Victoria. This innovative and sustainable festival model provides its growing audiences with a concentration of dance programming with a focus on Australian artists. At the vanguard of contemporary dance, Dance Massive looks and feels like a national contemporary dance festival, albeit a geographically concentrated one.

View the 2017 Dancehouse program here


DANCE TERRITORIES – with Melbourne Festival

Initiated in 2012, this season is a way of mirroring the circulation of ideas, of moving bodies and of meaning, a way of echoing resonating works, of translating methods of investigating similar territories from multiple perspectives. It is also a reflective attempt to explore the way different aesthetic, social, philosophical and/or economic contexts impact on creative developments. It brings forth dialogues of cultural identities rich in their differences, even richer in their similarities. Dance Territories presents two themed double bills over four evening bringing together each time an Australian artist and an international artist.

The 2016 edition of Dance Territories, BORDER LINES, focused on the relationship of 'body' to 'border', explicitly exploring the impact migration, circulation, invasion and dis-location has had, and continues to have, on personal and cultural identity.

Applications for 2017 opening soon.

Image:  Jonathan Sinatra - dance for the time being, Russell Dumas