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Dance Territories is a new Dancehouse curated season. Dance Territories is a way of mirroring the circulation of ideas, of moving bodies and of meaning, a way of echoing resonating works, of translating methods of investigating similar territories from multiple perspectives. It is also a reflective attempt to explore the way different aesthetic, social, philosophical and/or economic contexts impact on creative developments. It brings forth dialogues of cultural identities rich in their differences, even richer in their similarities. And last but not least, it also provides audiences with the opportunity to experience the different ways in which ideas are explored by both Australian and international artists. Dance Territories is a statement that art in general and dance in particular, have no borders; that these are one of the few spaces left where creative intelligence circulates and inspires us differently, meaningfully, profoundly.

For this first edition, Dance Territories will focus on the preciseness of the choreographic score and brings four highly talented artists who combine esthetical sobriety, minimalist movement, and sharp composition. And yet, they open up a world of sensations with a single movement; with very little, they miraculously and relentlessly sculpt the intimate and stir the senses. Dance territories to be discovered with sense and sensibility...

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Oct. 24-25

Perrine Valli Ma Cabane au Canada & Série
Sandra Parker Transit


Perrine Valli's Cabin is an abstract exploration of the inner space, delineated by white lines guiding or abandoning the body. Perrine Valli brings here a highly radical and extremely rigorous solo of a striking beauty only to be continued in Série. Inspired by Aurélie Nemours' paintings, strips of paper define spaces on the floor thus carving the movement, instilling meaning, variation and repetition, precision and accidents.

Perrine Valli studied ballet and contemporary dance in several famous European schools. She obtained a scholarship to join the London Contemporary Dance School, which she graduated in 2002. She later joined Cindy Van Acker's company for several years. She started to make her own projects in 2005, and MA CABANE AU CANADA is her first piece. Since 2005 her works have widely toured in Europe and won several important prizes (Masdanza, Tanz>Faktor>Interregio). She presented her latest work in the reputed Rencontres Choregraphiques Festival in Paris earlier this year.

To view Perrine Valli's work, Click here

Inspired by the moments in our everyday life when we are in 'transit', 'between' one place and another, Transit is a multi-art form experience about the heightened sensations of transition and transformation. Although in contemporary life we can seemingly be anywhere and everywhere at once via the speed and efficiency of engineering, technology and the Internet, the moment of transit is alluring as a space of possibilities. In Transit what is about to happen is still to come, and what has been left behind slips into the past, an opening to an alternate future...

Sandra Parker is a renowned Australian choreographer and director. She has worked as a freelance artist, teacher, collaborator and artistic director with a number of national and international companies. Sandra Parker's work has been presented internationally in France, Portugal, Germany, the US, Japan and China. In 2007, Sandra Parker Dance made its US debut in at the Joyce Soho, New York, presenting the highly successful The View From Here. Most recently, she was Dancehouse's Housemate in 2011; she received the Australia Council Dance Board Fellowship for 2012/13.

Dates: 24 - 25 October
Time: 8.00pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Prices: Full $35.00 / Con $30.00 / Senior $30.00 / DH Members & Students $25.00 / Group (+8) $31.00
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Oct. 26-27

Cindy Van Acker Fractie
Matthew Day Thousands


Fractie is made of five studies tackling the triangular relation of sound, movement and rhythm: the way our senses are stimulated can be very different depending on the place given to those elements. To each study has been referred a specific corporal state, a proper soundtrack and a composer, a length and a particular area. Fractie places the value of studies as the starting point as much as the finishing one.

Cindy Van Acker examines with a quasi scientific meticulousness the relations between the body and the spirit, sound and rhythm, and creates pieces crossing the borders of dance, performance and visual arts. Coming from the ballet, Cindy Van Acker initially danced in Belgium in the Royal ballet of Flanders. Interested by the experiments that offers contemporary dance, she became the famous interpreter of choreographers such as Philippe Saire, Laura Tanner, Noémi Lapzeson, Estelle Héritier and Myriam Gourfink. She creates her own pieces since 1994 but truly started an international career with Corps 00:00, created in 2002 at Theatre de l'ADC in Geneva. Since then, her work has been presented in famous festivals such as the Festival d'Avignon and the Festival TransAmériques. She has also assisted Romeo Castelucci in his latest projects.

Presenting a series of quiet moments and details in an exquisitely poised and controlled performance by Matthew Day, Thousands simultaneously suggests many time zones and individuals. Its slow, unfurling rhythm creates a powerful sense of stillness and repetition, opening up new spaces between performer and audience. Matthew Day's work challenges notions of high and low art, referencing elements of pop culture while questioning function of performance and dance in contemporary society.

Matthew Day is a Choreographer, Dancer and Dramaturg working across various artistic mediums and cultural contexts. Matthew is invested in conceptual choreographic practices that are intensely physical and push the boundaries of dance and performance. A teenage ballroom dancing champion, Matthew went on to study dance and performance studies at UWS, NSW (2003/2004) and at the VCA, VIC (2005) before collaborating with students at the SNDO, Netherlands (2006-2009). Matthew has had residencies at Critical Path, Lucy Guerin Inc., Chunky Move, Legs on the Wall, Campbelltown Arts Centre and the Bundanon Trust, where he worked with Deborah Hay on her Solo Commissioning Project. Matthew is currently engaged on a number of upcoming projects with the infamous Phillip Adams BalletLab

Matthew's minimalist and durational solo works Thousands, Cannibal and Intermission constitute his acclaimed TRILOGY project and each explore the body as a site of continual becoming and infinite potential. These works have been presented in Next Wave, Sydney Fringe, Brisbane Festival-Under the Radar, Dance Massive, Melbourne Festival and in 2013 will begin to tour internationally.  

To view Matthew Days work, Click here

Dates: 26 - 27 October
Time: 8.00pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Prices: Full $35.00 / Con $30.00 / Senior $30.00 / DH Members & Students $25.00 / Group (+8) $31.00
Book Tickets: Click here to book or 03 9347 2860


Ma Cabane au Canada & Série
Choreographer/Performer Perrine Valli
Light designer Michel Guibendif (Ma cabane au Canada); Daniel Demont (Série)

Choreographer Sandra Parker
Music composition & Sound Design Steven Heather and James Wilkinson
Projection design Rhian Hinkley
Lighting design Jenny Hector
Performer Phoebe Robinson

Choreographer Cindy Van Acker
Performers Cindy Van Acker & Tamara Bacci
Sound desgin Frédérique Franke, Philip May, Andrea Valvini, Basile Zimmerman

Choreographer/Performer Matthew Day
Light Design Travis Hodgson

Images: Frederic Lombard, Amory Culvenor, Gregory Batardon & Gareth Hart.


Dancehouse would like to warmly thank The Melbourne Festival for their trust in this first edition and the Swiss Consulate in Sydney for their generous support. 

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