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MONSTER BODY is a graphically honest and very energetic piece. Raw and exposed, there is a lot on display. The subtlety and physicality of dancing body is presented to broaden the representation of the female body in our society. Exploring a political imagination, themes of life and death, dreams, songs, consumerism and more, MONSTER BODY is a saturation of textures, tones, noises, rhythm and shapes created through a number of imaginative situations. Atlanta utilizes the mystery and energy of the dancing body as a resource to expose MONSTERS that are deeply affecting and often darkly funny, enchanting, challenging and disturbing.

Drawing from strong and haunting connections between local and global images that shape female identity in contemporary culture, MONSTER BODY ultimately exposes the MONSTER that lies in the space between the dancer and the audience. Like when an eagle and a lion become one, this performance explores the situation of being in the theatre together, the relationship to each other and the space around us. MONSTER BODY invites the audience to create their own thoughts and feelings about these relationships and proposes a shared effort to imagine a different future, to rethink relationships to the boundaries between life and art, refreshing the way we see the world the people in it.

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"Bare-breasted, growling monster in red stockings, her choruses of movement at turns endearing, terrifying and hilarious". In The Dark, The Age. Review, Liza Power | June 22, 2010

"It was an extremely revealing, intimate and challenging piece". Return To Sender By Lynne Lancaster ArtsHub | Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Atlanta Eke is an Australian artist with interests in dance and choreography in an expanded field. Her work is embedded in an ongoing analysis of the image of the female body in our society. Through her work she perverts the meanings we are conditioned to associate with the image of the female body and in doing so rescues the representation of the female body from the hands of capitalism. Atlanta has been active as a performer and creator presenting her experimental work through out Australia and Europe in a variety of formats. She has worked with artists such as Deborah Hay, Xavier Le Roy, Sally Gardner, Lucy Guerin among others.

With (dancers and collaborators):

Performer Atlanta Eke
Production Manager Abbey Leonard
Stage Manager Gillian Butcher
Sound Design Tessa Broadby
Lighting Design Sophie Beirne
Videographer Sarah Ling
Set Design Ashlea English
Costume Design Amanda Betlehem

Dramaturge Tim Birnie

Image: Tim Birnie

Please note this performance contains nudity and is only appropriate for patrons aged 18 years or over. Monster Body contains scenes which may offend some viewers.

When: 21 - 27 May, 2012
Times: 21 - 26 May, 8.00pm and 27 May, 4.00pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Bookings: 03 9347 2860 or Click here

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