an interview-discussion performance soirée
with international artists David Lakein and Jason Seymour
moderated by Famous Australian Artist (F.A.A. to be announced)
in collaboration with Audience Participants
special guests The RuckuSquad Collective

During the performances detailed below the F.A.A. spars/dances with David and Jason ~ exploring ::: how they perceive themselves as artists, improvisers, organizers ~ uncovering ::: what research drives them ~ questioning ::: how they perform as teachers, facilitate as performers and teach as facilitators.

Exploring approaches and motivations in their work, David, Jason and F.A.A. strive towards excavating and illuminating the web of dis/connections of their practices.

Audience Participants are invited, joining in ::: with comments & provocations.~

Distance Breath, 2
David Lakein

Thirty-third edition of The Breath Series, Lakein's solo improvisation performance project. Themes around {abandoning} responsibility, {embracing} failure, and {muddling} meaning & mystery are visited and allowed to unfold.

David Lakein (Berlin/Chicago): A dedicated Bridgebuilder committed to research as a creative act and dialogue as a transformational encounter. David studied philosophy, and acting and directing in the United States, trained as a dancer and performer in Berlin at the School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam, and received his MFA from The School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Jason Seymour

Join me and your fellows in a seriousily silly moving-thinking experiential journey! The bridging of the outer individual and inner communal welcomes the chance for expanded Openness and expansive Availability. Long Live...Us!

Jason Seymour (The Road/The Road Side): An unapologetic Provocateur intent on spreading the Word of Ruckus. Completely self-taught and guru-free, Jason's guiding belief is that Ruckus-Causin' can be a container for great change and a vehicle for radical transformation. Initiator of RuckuSpace, a constantly evolving hybrid art project getting down with responsible subversion and playful mayhem.

When: Friday April 29th at 7.30pm
Where: Dancehouse, 150 Princes St Carlton, Upstairs studio
(we apologise that there is no wheelchair access for this performance)