Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples

Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd will present Project Blah Blah, in Hong Kong from January 7 - 9, 2011.

This presentation is supported by Dancehouse in association with STRUTdance (Perth), Global Japan Network and Hong Kong Dance Alliance in their presentation of the season Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples.

The season also includes Sprung by Sue Peacock with Stefan Karlsson and Eyes, by LI Yong Jing and LAM Po. 

This touring circuit between Australia and Asia emerged from a partnership that has been ongoing between Dancehouse (Melbourne, Australia) and The Dance Box (Osaka, Japan) since 2000. With assistance from Global Japan Network, in 2006 Dancehouse and The Dance Box began discussions with STRUT dance in Perth, Australia, about a three part touring opportunity presenting dance duets by independent artists. This began with presentations in Melbourne (Dyuetto) in 2007 and Perth in 2009.

Hong Kong Dance Alliance has joined the touring partnership this year as a presenting partner. Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Dancehouse, STRUT dance and Global Japan Network are proud to have come together to initiate this touring exchange with a dance form that is emblematic of partnership.

For more information about this performance season, visit the Hong Kong Fringe Club at   or Hong Kong Dance Alliance at

THIS SHOW IS BEING PRESENTED IN HONG KONG.  NOT AT DANCEHOUSE.  Please see websites above for details.