What they are instead of


J and A

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"It's rare to see theatre that pays off to this extent. What They Are Instead Of undertakes the desperate quest for a loophole into a paradise lost."
Leipziger Volkszeitung, May 2010

Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger met nine years ago, and in "What They are Instead Of" they're two bodies glued together, producing a rhythm that is hard to resist. Funny, poetic and thought provoking, it requires nothing but two performers on a stage; intoxicating the audience with power and energy, as they take them on a journey through an intimate relationship.

Schubot & Gradinger will display how dance has its own meta-physical utopian potential to express the unutterable: the pain of the isolation of the individual and the insatiable desire to return to a state of security in pre-stabilized harmony.

Through a furious, courageous, exalted performance about the desire for a perfect complete union, they will test themselves physically and emotionally to answer the questions:

How can we coexist?
To say "I" means turning the other into a foreign entity.
Can intimacy embrace otherness to form a kind of common being?
If our being extends beyond the limits of our skin can it reveal trace evidence of multiple ways of existing, symbiosis through belonging?
How intimate can we be?
Where does the surplus intimacy go?
How much of our physical individuality is left at the end?
How much debris of ego can I eliminate, and how much do I need?

It will make you feel their own painful desire to overcome separation and individuation as well as the impossibility of fulfilling this desire, on their search for unconditional togetherness.

with and by Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot
lighting by Andreas Harder
in collaboration with Pictoplasma

When 15 & 16 December
Time 8pm
Where Dancehouse, 150 Princess Street Carlton North
Prices Full $22 / Concession $18 / Members $15

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Also during their time at Dancehouse, they will be holding open classes and workshops title Still Standing You on 13 & 14 December, focusing on partner and group work. For more information, Click here.