Winter Workshops


Choreographic Workshop with our current Housemate Resident

In this two-session choreography workshop, participants will experiment with choreographic processes Sandra Parker is developing during her Housemate Residency.

In creating her work 'Document', Parker is questioning how choreographed movement functions as a record of bodily memory.

Employing notions of fragmentation and interpretation to develop movement, the workshop will investigate the physical and contextual specificity of movement gestures created by using verbal description and methods to 're-enact' choreography.

Dates & Times:
Friday June 24
12pm - 3pm
Saturday June 25
10am - 2pm

Cost: $30 / $25 / $20 per session

To book call 9347 2860 or email,


Remedial technique workshop

In how we learn is the secret of how we unlearn.

Our bodies are continuously re-learning as they are changing: how we shape our own physicality and negotiate this ability to change becomes fundamental towards our future development. This workshop will include elements of Release and Alexander Technique, Hands on and Body-Mind Centering to connect on a micro cellular level and undo tissue tensions. We will focus on pelvis/knees and shoulders/neck as areas of major stress exploring ways to understand and examine how we could avoid injuries by connecting deeper and clearly into our own structure. This new sense of integration will improve our ability to trust and consciously learn an endless vocabulary of possibilities.

NADIA CUSIMANO is a Boby Mind Centering Somatic Movement Educator and a certified Classical Peak Pilates® instructor teaching for various dance companies, individuals and Pilates studios in Berlin, London and Adelaide. She has a diploma in Sports Education (Milan), a BA in Performing Arts (E.D.D.C. - Arnhem) and was a full time member of Sasha Waltz & Guests dance-company from 1996 to 2002 in Berlin. In 2003 she was co-editor with Dr. Karl Stocker on Insideout, a book about social cultural studies that investigated the transient lifestyle of dancers as part of the Graz European Cultural Capital program and since 2004 has been a guest lecturer at the department of Exhibition and Museum Studies, Fh-Joanneum in Graz. She founded the company Le due Moine with Paola Bartoletti in 2008, touring the text based work Messa Insieme throughout Italy and continues with a new production in 2011. She has collaborated on projects with the choreographers Xavier Le Roy, Eszter Salamon, Tino Seghal, Ami Garmon, Constanza Macras, Luc Dunberry, Paul Gazzola, Karen Nelson, Nigel Charnock, Lone Twin Theatre and Deborah Hay SPCP Solo Performance Commissioned Project.

Dates & Times:
Monday June 27 and Tuesday June 28
12pm - 2pm

Cost: $30 / $25 / $20 per session

To book, call 9347 2860 or email

Sandra & Nadia, will both be teaching as a part of Winter Training Intensive 2011 at Dancehouse from, 20 June - 1 July. Click here, for more information.