Biodanza, the Dance of Life - Workshop

Biodanza integrates all levels of the human being to feel and live fully present, realising and expressing our greatest potential. Embodying specific movements, with both individual and interactive dances opens our heart and spirit to enter the sense of oneness, peace and authentic loving. This system increases the healthy aspects of everyone, stimulating and developing all of our natural resources.

Based on spontaneous dances, guided movements, positive emotions and nurturing encounters, whilst immersed in beautiful worldly music, Biodanza enhances our presence and consciousness in a group environment that emphasises empathy and affection. Biodanza is an invitation to reveal a joyful nature, enjoying life's happiness and spirituality by living "here & now" fully and intensely.

The group offers a warm support, which builds confidence in others and ourselves. The goal is to increase our ability to dance and relate authentically from our feelings instead of mind (ego). Through an empathetic and respectful approach, participants develop their ability to listen to their own feeling, to act from that, and to feel and consider other people's energy, knowing each other through their essence instead of appearance or role. This helps to reconcile us with life, its beauty and oneness. Social and cultural barriers fall down and authentic loving communication appears very natural and simple. Ultimately this leads to the blossoming of human beings and their relationship between them, as well as their openness to the world and a joyful transcendental perception of life and love.

This workshop, open to everyone, is the second of the Australian Biodanza® School course monthly modules, in which students are studying to become Biodanza facilitators. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator you are welcome to contact Catherine and start the course here or in the coming workshops this year. The next being in Brisbane June 3 to June 5.

Each weekend is an experiential group process. It is supported by a workbook on each topic to provide the cognitive understanding of the experience and an opportunity to reflect it upon your life.

See under Biodanza School page for more details

Discovery class: Friday 6 May 7.00pm to 8.30pm. Open to all levels of experience.
Workshop: 7 & 8 May 2011 - Saturday 11am-7pm. Open to all levels of experience.
Sunday 9am-4pm. Must have done a previous class.
Venue: Dancehouse Upstairs studio - 150 Princes St - North Carlton
Friday night class - 1½ hours
$20 for drop-in
FREE for the Biodanza School students
FREE for seminar guests (deduction applied on this weekend seminar payment)
Workshop on Saturday & Sunday
Participant price: $180 including the Friday night class in option
Student price: $230 including the material, the follow up, the Friday night class, and the teaching of casual overseas instructors. No enrolment fees charged. Food & accommodation not included.
Contact: / 0415 794 182