At Dancehouse, Cecil St Studio and Other Locations

Lab Description: Working individually and in small groups, we make several images each day, either quickly with reckless abandon or slowly with careful consideration. The frame of our making varies greatly, as we ask the questions: What is an image? How many components does an image have? Which are central and which act more in a supportive way? What are the boundaries of an image; where and when does it begin, end? In experimenting with elements such as movement, action, voice and object, we gain a more nuanced understanding of how they affect one another, and how they contribute to an image's overall atmosphere and visceral impact.

We explore which compositional tools are available to us as we develop and refine our images. Our aim is to deepen our awareness of the options at our disposal and choices which confront us during the different stages of the making process, and, in so doing, gain a greater degree of freedom with our images and trust in ourselves.

In addition to working in the studio, we will work in diverse settings around the city-park, café, tram, etc-exploring how sit e-specific environments provide stimulating containers for original creations and reinvigorate existing work.

The Lab is for all artists who wish to gain insights into their current working methods and develop new approaches to their creation process within a group context. Practitioners from all disciplines are welcome.

1-7 May, 2011

Sun 9am - 6pm & dinner
Mon 10am - 6pm
Tue 10am - 1pm & 5pm - 11pm*
Wed 10am - 6pm
Thurs 10am - 6pm,
Fri 10am - 3pm + evening performance
Sat 10am - 2pm, including site-specific performance

*Open to drop-in participants

Dance House, Cecil Street Studio & Other interior & exterior places.

Early bird: $350/300 (before Apr 22)
Late duck: $390/340 (on/after Apr 22)
Drop-in Tue Evening: $45
A few work/exchange positions available for Melbourne residents.

Info & Registration:
Celeste Abell, 0432 100 545,

DAVID LAKEIN (Chicago/Berlin) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, educator and writer, whose work swirls around the borders between dance, theatre, cabaret, installation, and performance art. He teaches-researches-performs around the world in diverse venues, festivals and schools, and was a longtime organizer of the Ponderosa Festival outside Berlin. Known for his inquisitive nature and experimental methods, he is a well-respected teacher dedicated to his students and a rigorous (un) learning process. Whether facilitating workshops and performance projects or bringing artists together in laboratories or festivals, Lakein is committed to research as a creative act and dialogue as a transformational encounter. He is the founder of Paradox Bay, an international artistic platform that supports exchanges about how artists approach their work, nurture collaborations, interact with audiences and connect with social activism efforts. He studied philosophy & literature and acting & directing in the United States (BA, Wesleyan University), trained as a dancer and performer in Berlin and Amsterdam (BFA, School for New Dance Development | Amsterdam School for the Art), and studied visual arts in Chicago (MFA, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago). |
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