A series of four laboratory – discussion – choreography intensive sessions for practitioners exploring choreographic composition with/around/for objects.




Prices: Full $80 / Concession $70 / Dancehouse Members $50


Open to practitioners.


JUNE 21- 10am-3pm - Cancelled

Prue Lang - Since Duchamp removed objects from their context as functional objects and recontextualised them as objects of art, the perception, function and meaning of objects in artistic practice has been widely experimented with. Drawing from this initial experimentation, we will work solely with everyday functional objects. We will look at the existing relationships between us and the object/s, the context the object/s produce, object, then delve more specifically into the relationship between the object/s and our body. From here we will exercise our supple thinking bodies to develop physical modalities with the object that begin to play with and establish new choreographic relationships and situations with the objects. As both doers and observers, there will be the opportunity to explore these tasks with both playful and rigorous approaches. This will continue into developing choreographic scores, through which we can we can transform the perception, function and meaning of the objects.

After graduating from the VCA in Melbourne, Prue Lang joined Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre. In 1996 she moved to France working for the Choreographic National Centre in Angers, Compagnie Cre-Ange in Paris as well as her own independent projects. In 1999 she began an important collaboration with William Forsythe as a leading soloist and choreographer of the Frankfurt Ballett and The Forsythe Company. Since 2005 she has been working as an independent choreographer presenting her work in international festivals, theatres and museums throughout the world including Theatre National de Chaillot Paris, STUK Belgium, Hebbel-am-ufer Berlin, Tanzplatform Deutschland, Rencontres choregraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis and the TATE Modern, London. She has been voted Most Outstanding dancer, Most Innovative Production and Most Outstanding Choreographer by Europe's Balletanz's Annual Critics' Survey. In 2014 she moved back to Australia and is now based in Melbourne.



JUNE 28 - 10am-3pm

Atlanta Eke - Let's talk about love. The thing that keeps the world together. The cosmic natural power of attraction amongst things. This workshop focuses the production of a social formation based on love, a temporary society generated by a mutual recognition of love. Pure love, the love for love itself, love for being loved, love as the object of our desire, the desire to become an object of love.

Atlanta Eke is an Australian dancer and choreographer working internationally. Atlanta was a DanceWEB Europe scholarship recipient 2010 in Vienna, and has received NextWave Kickstart 2011, Dancehouse Housemate residency 2012 in Melbourne, an ArtStart Grant recipient.  Her solo MONSTER BODY has been presented at the 2012 NextWave Festival, 2012 SEXES Festival Performance Space Sydney, 2013 Dance Massive Festival Melbourne, MONA FOMA Festival Hobart, MDT Stockholm 2013, BACKFLIP Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art, Margaret Lawrence Gallery and the Fierce Festival in Birmingham. Atlanta has  premiered her work Fountain at Chunky Move in 2014 and is the recipient of the 2014 inaugural Keir Choreographic Award for her latest work Body Of Work, presented in its full-length version in Dance Massive 2015 at Dancehouse.



JULY 5 - 10am-3pm

Sandra Parker  will focus on exploring the relationship between objects, choreographed movement scores and the performer's attention, drawing from recent generative processes developed in the creation of her current project Small Details. The workshop will begin with a thorough somatic warm up, leading to an investigation of moving with, or in relation to a variety of objects.  Using this exploration to stimulate the invention of movement gestures and actions, participants will focus on shaping choreographic material while considering how objects might also be used as a tool to intensify somatic awareness and extend the performer's physical sensory movement capacity. In the final part of the workshop participants will investigate how object movement scores enhance capacity to direct attention in performance – either to the body, the materials (objects) and the performance space, while questioning the potential of the relationship between objects and choreographed movement – can objects become an extension of the body, or invite different relationships and meanings between the somatic body, the object, and the performance environment at the same time?

Sandra Parker is an Australian choreographer, director, and teacher whose work includes multi-disciplinary theatre pieces combining aural, video and movement elements and installation works for gallery spaces. Recent projects include: Playhouse Guandong Modern Dance Company, China 2007; Out of Light, Sandra Parker Dance 2009 (nominated for five Green Room Awards, including the Betty Pounder Award for Choreography); a Red Gate Gallery residency supported by the Australia China Council, 2009; Document, Dancehouse, Housemate residency, 2011, Transit, Sandra Parker Dance, 2010, Melbourne Festival 2012, Faits d'hiver, Paris, 2013, and The Recording, Dance Massive 2013. Sandra was awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Dance Board Fellowship for 2012 and 2013. New installation works created during her Fellowship include Three Angles, a single channel, interactive video installation presented at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne in February 2014; Live View, a movement and binaural sound work, and Three Frames, created with American video artist Maya Ciarocchi and dancer Benjamin Asriel, presented at AUX Performance Space, Vox Populi Gallery Philadelphia USA. Sandra's current choreographic project Small Details was presented as a work-in-development as part of the Dance Massive, Open Studio program 2015 with funding support from the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria and the Besen Family Foundation.



JULY 12 - 10am-3pm

Nat Cursio - This workshop enquires into the interchangeability of what is ordinary and what is extraordinary through a series of activities, mini excursions, choreographic tasks, interrogations of form and discussion. Using Nat's projects The Middle Room and Tiny Slopes as case studies, as well as the participants' own particular ideas and interests, we will consider inherent values and cultural associations of objects as they are purposed and re-purposed within the context of performance and play. With the tuning of attention and framing of what is already present, this workshop musters physicality, texture, shape, space and sound in a sharing of ordinary and extraordinary little dances.

Nat Cursio works with dance and the body, creating choreographies, curated programs and developmental platforms under the umbrella Nat Cursio Co. Her work has been presented in Taipei, Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and around Australia. Nat's work is concerned with the act of noticing. Often sensory, detailed and presented in unconventional settings, she creates situations where we might notice ourselves and each other in ways that are not always prominent in daily life, where the work can act as both an escape from and a return to the world in which we live. Vulnerability, resilience and hope are recurrent themes and Nat's ongoing interest in our delicate ecosystems results in work that exerts a decidedly low carbon footprint and is adaptable for space and context. Nat's current projects are at least for a while anyway, a video work made in collaboration with Daniel Crooks for Carriageworks 24 Frames Per Second, Tiny Slopes, a new performance work in development with dancers and skateboards and Both And, a 'performance and shop' for all ages in collaboration with Nicola Gunn commissioned by Theatre Works.

*This workshop is open to artists with an interest in choreography including visual artists and performance makers. Participants need to be reasonably fit and prepared to do physical activities.