ARCO RENZ - International Workshop

Dates: NOVEMBER 21-22
Times: 11am-4pm
Price: $220 Full / $180 Concession / $150 Dancehouse Member

Open to practitioners with a formal dance training

This workshop focuses on negotiation processes between tradition and contemporary choreographic practice. In connection to the performance solid.states, we study a set of physical principles related to Javanese classical dance, breathing, circularity and spirals  are investigated at the root of dance. First, these principles will be explored in improvisation. Then, we confront them with a short Javanese movement phrase and the participant's personal movement language.

Each participant will experience negotiation processes and physical principles that instigate circulation between traditional and contemporary dance practices.


Arco Renz productions with Kobalt Works reveal an intense physicality and explore the emotional force of abstraction.

In his creations, he consistently broadens the principles of Abstract Dramaturgy to light, sound and multimedia interfaces; and his choreographies go beyond pure, formal dance, displaying "a graceful expressionism that can be situated somewhere between the German expressionist films of the 1920s and traditional Eastern dance and theatre forms."   

During 2014 and 2015, Kobalt Works|Arco Renz is engaged in collaborative performance projects of very different nature in Indonesia (KRIS IS), Vietnam (Hanoi Stardust), the Philippines (COKE), and Singapore (ALPHA).

 Among over 20 evening length choreographies, other major Kobalt Works' productions include .states. (2001), Mirth (2002), heroïne (2004), Bullitt (2006), i!2 (2008), PA (2009), 1001 (2010), CRACK (2011), solid.states (2012),  or Discografie (2013).

In addition, Arco Renz has regularly created commissioned works for the Brussels Opera House, the Festival d'Art Lyrique d'Aix en Provence, the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norvegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, among others.  In the field of opera he has extensively worked with Robert Wilson, Luc Bondy and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

A central focus within Arco's specific choreographic idiom is the comparative study of various Asian and European performance traditions. He has developed Monsoon, a series of transcultural and multidisciplinary research and exchange programs with editions in Asia, Europe and,in November 2015, in Australia.