"The production workshop last night was excellent. I got so much out of it,  it gave me some new ideas as to how to negotiate as an independent artist. This info has come at a really critical point in time, and I feel re-invigorated." - Leah Landau

Next Stages is a series of capacity building practical workshops for independent dance artists and emerging artists from other art forms, led by industry experts. Each week an industry professional will be paired with a dance artist, to present insightful and hands on practical workshops that will sharpen your skills, arm you with tools and give you valuable insight into the arts industry.


July 13 - Producing with James Batchelor (choreographer, independent producer), Josh Wright (Malthouse Producer)

As your own Producer or someone else's, you often end up doing a lot more than you thought you would in order to realise a project. In this hand on workshop, Josh Wright will give invaluable perspective into managing your own projects from start to finish, demystify what it means to be a Producer and what the role of a Producer really is. Expect to learn A LOT!
Multi-award winning, the young and talented James Batchelor will speak about his experiences producing his own works, whilst also performing in them. He'll share tips on his planning processes and managing multiple projects at various stages of planning and execution.
This workshop aims to be a practical and insightful look into the world of producing.


July 20 - Creating Budgets / Touring Budgets with Erin Milne (Producer), Natalie Cursio (choreographer)

An in-depth look into creating budgets. Whether it is a provisional budget for a funding application, a show, or a tour, these two highly experienced professionals will have you covered with everything you need to know about budgets and more!
Erin and Natalie will host a classroom style workshop, where you will learn great template making and formatting tips, plus all questions to need to ask yourself when preparing a budget.
Plus, they will answer all your questions about artist fees, production allocations, ticketing, contingencies and more.


July 27 - Capacity Building and Networking with Sophie Travers (Australia Council), Natalie Abbott (choreographer, independent producer)

Want to know how to 'work the room' and make the most of your connections?
Looking for some tips on how to concisely talk about your work in a few sentences?
Want to find out about how to approach potential presenters both here and overseas about your work?
Sophie Travers will provide invaluable insight into the national and international market, which arts markets are best for you, when and why, plus how to connect with key industry presenters.
Natalie Abbott will provide tips and tools into how to connect with presenters. She will also share her recent experiences of attending international markets and presenting work overseas.
If you want to tour your work in the future, this is the workshop for you!


Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm
Price: $25 Full / $20 Dancehouse Member per session


Open to independent artists and producers