The 2015 Summer Intensive features technique classes taught by some of Melbourne's most exciting dance artists. It's a great way reconnect and get your body moving in the new year.

Mon 9 Feb     Sarah Aiken
Tues 10 Feb   Ralf Jaroschinski (German dance artist)
Wed 11 Feb   Antony Hamilton
Thur 12 Feb   Nat Abbott
Fri 13 Feb      Victoria Chiu

Mon 16 Feb    Luke George
Tues 17 Feb   Sandra Parker
Wed 18 Feb   Phillip Adams
Thur 19 Feb   Deanne Butterworth
Fri 20 Feb      Brooke Stamp



SARAH AIKEN: This class begins with a thorough warming–up of body, mind and imagination before exploring some movement phrases. Focusing on finding different textures and approaches in simple, and more complex material as well as looking for efficiency in your body and your mind. There will be movement and thinking and beats and abandon. Some dance experience is recommended but mostly just willingness.

RALF JAROSCHINSKI: In this class, participants will use mindful touch and raising their awareness for specific movement qualities which have their source within kinetic idiolects and which participants will further and further discover and elaborate.  A few technical exercises will align movements with physical facts that cannot be ignored, but most of all this will be a delicious journey to the core: to our truly own and unique dance.

Born in Southern Germany and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ralf graduated as a classical and modern dancer from the University of Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany, and then studied several contemporary dance and composition techniques in New York on a stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service.  He discovered contact improvisation for himself in 1994.  From 1998 until 2002, he directed the dance company of the City Theater of Hildesheim, Germany, and included contact improvisation as part of the dancers' training and the creation of his works.  He also got commissioned to create choreographies for several European and American national ballet companies and dance universities – so far, he has created some 100 dance pieces. Facilitating contact improvisation classes and workshops more regularly since 2004, Ralf has taught at numerous festivals, universities, dance schools and studios all over the world.  He has designed, produced and staged several contact improvisation scores and concerts, and he has trained the dancers of companies such as the Brazilian Curitiba Guaíra Ballet, the Swedish "GöteborgsOperans Danskompani", and the "Cullberg Baletten" in Stockholm in contact improvisation. learn more

ANTONY HAMILTON: This class focuses on balancing opposing elements of tension and release in the body, to support a movement practice for dancers that is adaptable to all levels of experience. Through understanding the flow of energy in our constantly active bodies, dancers will learn practical techniques to harness and manage this energy, improving coordination, strength and versatility as a dancer.

NAT ABBOTT: This is not a warm up...this is a workshop style class. You will get warm, but not in the usual way. Participants will try out group situations based on Nat's time in Vienna at impulstanz (DanceWEB) last year. You will experiment with arranging the body as an individual and as part of a group. You will dance, a lot. You will sweat. There will be music.

VICTORIA CHIU: This class begins calmly with focus on preparing the body before transitioning into a mixture of movement phrases and exercises developed from site specific experiences. There is emphasis on using the body in the space with changing limits; defining spatial relationships and using different dynamics of movement such as intricate and detailed, or powerful and robust.

LUKE GEORGE: "I want us to enter into a sensual saturation of perception. We'll put all the talking, analysing and evaluating aside for this time. We'll begin with a senses walk, either in the building or outside. We'll drop deeper into sensory receptors and more primitive bodily systems, and let those be the initiators and motivators for action, touch, sounding and our relationships to time, space and being seen. We'll consider performance practice through permissive and provoking engagement of our bodies."

SANDRA PARKER: In this class participants will work with somatic imagery to develop a deep sense of attention and focus to the moving body.  By investigating movement action through a staged warm-up progressing from simple actions to more complex movement, the class will challenge our capacities as dancers to be 'present', to open up movement choices, and to thoroughly embody movement through the body as a whole, while activating detail within a movement sequence.

PHILLIP ADAMS: This class is lead through a technically embodied approach to dance. Warm up incorporates a releasing into motion building towards longer technical phrase material. The practise of suspension, shifts, pure line, propelling and weightiness (lots of steps) combine moving with fluidity and speed. The class calls for dancers that love the experience of movement inside the gravity of the post modernist dancing body. 

DEANNE BUTTERWORTH: This class will simultaneously focus on the miniature and the gross then expand into a longer phrase which attempts to split attention between moving and sound.

BROOKE STAMP: The class will focus on the dancers core kinetic and energetic impulse to move through exploring elements of authentic movement and improvisational practices that warm the body into action in the first half of class. Dancers will then have an opportunity to fine-tune their individual understanding of gravity, as well as focussing on internal and external experiences of space & spatial arrangement of bodily energy within complex & detailed choreographic phrasing.


Dates: 9 - 13 and 16 - 20 February
Time: 9.30 - 11am
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Cost: $16 Full | $14 Conc | $12 Members
Bookings: click here

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