Body as Mind and The Practice of Performance

Workshop with Ros Warby

What physical and perceptual state best supports us in being available to experience an expanded sense of our own dance and performance by engaging the imagination through the dancing body. How can we look at eliminating hierarchy within our movement vocabularies and patterns? By engaging with approaches that serve us in refining our awareness and understanding of the practice of dance and performance we will begin to address some of these questions.

This work encourages the dancer to eliminate attachment to prescribed techniques or choreographic approaches and invites the body to undo any pre-conceived notions of what dance is, thereby creating a chance for the dancer to express a complex and indefinable range of experience through the humor, intelligence and emotional engagement of the dancing body. Challenging the dancer to wake up and notice what it is they are doing in their dance through the application of multi layered attention stimulates the intelligence of the dancer, and, in turn, elevates her level of engagement in both performance and dance making.

Date: Sunday 7 December
Time: 1 - 6pm
Where: Dancehouse, Upstairs Studio
Cost: $70 F | $60 C | $50 DH Members
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