Myriam Gourfink uses a symbolic writing system to compose the geometrical universe and poetic evolution of dance. Having studied Labanotation with Jacqueline Challet Haas, she undertook a quest, using this system as a point of departure, for the formalizing of her own compositional language.

The workshop will have two phases:

The first will involve introducing and working with the notational system, initially based on Labanotation, developed by Gourfink.

The second will support participants to develop their own scores and then introduce and develop choreographic tools with which to work with the scores.

When composing and writing my choreographic scores, I use abstract processes and data.

I sit at my table and I write in a language that I have been developing since 2002, it's inspired by Laban cinetography, but is aimed at creating, rather than transcribing, a dance already in existence.

What I write for the choreographic composition is constantly evolving, because each piece is structured around a specific environment built on a global vision of the project.

I make a collection of concepts that I consider to be connected with my aims, and from those elements I then develop a glossary and then a score. The composition consists in decoding the information contained in the data collected, the relationships between them, and their possible articulations. It's all about listening, observing, and trying to understand what is at work inside the environment in place.

The dancers who read and interpret the scores use the body technique forming the basis of my work, which relies on awareness of the breath, the circulation and the distribution of the body's weight, and fluidity. It was the work of Odile Duboc that guided me in my relationship with gravity. I experienced it in terms of a phase of vertical descent by the weight of the body beneath the earth's crust, then a phase of listening to what travels up from the earth through the body: it’s like a wave, expanding our internal spaces and propelling movement.

In order to examine the body’s spaces in more detail, in 1995 I embarked on an exploration using breath. Yoga helped me to realize the difference between physical respiration and respiration sustained by a thread of breath, it is the latter that has formed the basis of my work ever since.

 - Myriam Gourfink

When: 24-28 June 2013
Time: 9.30 - 1.30pm
Costs: (5 days) Full $280.00 / Con $230.00 / DH member and Deakin - VCA students $190.00
(1 day) Full $60.00 / Con $50.00 / DH member and Deakin - VCA students $40.00
Bookings: or 03 9347 2860

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