Biodanza Workshop at Dancehouse

Join Biodanza facilitator Catherine Borgeaud in a 2 hour workshop exploring this South American system of movement and dance.

Created by a Chilean anthropologist in the 60s, the Biodanza movement has then grown worldwide to over 100,000 participants in 54 countries.
Based on spontaneous dances, guided movements, positive emotions and nurturing encounters, whilst immersed in beautiful worldly music, Biodanza enhances our presence and consciousness in a group environment that emphasises joy and affection.  Biodanza invites you to move in whichever way it is pleasurable for you; therefore it is suitable for everyone.  Biodanza is an invitation to relax the mind and to reveal a joyful nature, enjoying life's happiness by living "here & now" fully and intensely.

Date: 25 March 2013
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Price: $20 full / $15 concession
Contact: Catherine Borgeaud,

NOTE: Regular Biodanza classes will be held at Dancehouse from 8 April with facilitator Kath Creagh.