The 2013 Summer Intensive will include technique classes from Monday –Thursday taught by local performers, makers and teachers. On the Fridays we will have a practice sharing session.

Practice sharing, which will become an ongoing part of the Dancehouse program, will be an opportunity for one maker to communicate their current interests, to raise questions through the bodily exchange of information, and to perhaps be challenged by the sharing of notions with unfamiliar bodies. Atlanta Eke and Jonathan Sinatra will conduct the practice sharing sessions in the Summer Intensive.


Technique Classes

Jo Lloyd

Jo's energetic class involves a thorough warm up, preparing the body for a detailed choreographed phrase, incorporating her current choreographic interests. Jo encourages moving with efficiency and exploring differing energy levels and movement qualities. Most suited to intermediate/ advanced levels, but beginners are welcome if they are up for a challenge!

Jo has been performing, teaching and presenting her work in Australia and overseas since graduating from the VCA. She recently taught Bangarra, the Akram Khan Company and at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. This year Jo's work FUTURE PERFECT will be presented in Dance Massive at Arts House.

Natalie Abbott

In Natalie's class here will be some yoga, there will be some lubricating of joints, there will be some sweet contemporary dance moves, great tunes, and most of all, loads of fun! All levels welcome, you just need to be keen and open minded.

Natalie is a graduate of the VCA. She performs and makes dance. Her work PHYSICAL FRACTALS (Next Wave 2012) will be presented at Dance Massive 2013. She is currently developing a new work, MID-air, a duet between herself and a bodybuilder. Natalie also dabbles in video art.

Lee Searle

Lee teaches intermediate/advanced contemporary technique, with a focus on the body's natural weight and momentum to achieve efficient and fluid movement pathways. He further explores familiar techniques of falling, sequence and movement initiation, working towards a lengthy dance phrase incorporating these specific skills. For intermediate/ advanced levels

Lee has performed the work of Trisha Brown, Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move), Lucy Guerin, Shelley Lasica, Byron Perry, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake. He was an inaugural recipient of a Creative Australia Fellowship in 2012 and the first Australian to be selected for the Rolex Mentor and Protege Initiative in Dance 2010/2011. His choreographic work has been presented in Melbourne and New York, and will create a new work on the Lyon Opera Ballet this year.

Fiona Cameron

Fiona's class will rigorously explore rhythm, musicality and texture through an articulate and lyrical body. It will feature a lengthy choreographic sequence guaranteed to be good sweaty fun. Most suited to intermediate/ advanced levels

Over the last twenty years Fiona has established herself as a passionate teacher and dance artist. She has taught master classes in Europe, Asia and the US as well as at most Australian Tertiary institutions. She has regularly taught for Chunky Move, Bangarra and Sydney Dance Company.


Practice Sharing

This session will be an opportunity for one maker to communicate their current interests, to raise questions through the bodily exchange of information, and to perhaps be challenged by the sharing of notions with unfamiliar bodies. For advanced dance practitioners

Atlanta Eke

Atlanta works with the representation of her dancing body to produce new opportunities for how to relate to the image of female body. She considers feminism an imaginative force of production, and art as the place where imagination happens collectively, where we work together to create different kinds of futures.

Jonathan Sinatra

Jonathan received a Summer Space Grant at Dancehouse this summer in which he employed a haunting inhabitation of the little used spaces around Dancehouse to ask 'unadorned, present tense questions' about the what and how of his dancing. His practice is a series of experiential processes explored via his own sensations and thoughts, discovering and building a sense and understanding of 'body', of his own fluid body in relationship to other bodies and environments.


Where: Upstairs Studio
Dates: February 11 - February 22 (Monday to Friday Only)
Time: 10.00 am - 11.30 am
Costs: 10 classes block $140 full $120 conc $100 members; 5 Classes block $75 full $65 conc $55 members; & Casual classes $16 full $14 conc $12 members.
TO BOOK: Call Bridget, 9347 2860 or email