Teach at Dancehouse

If you're looking for a venue to teach your technique class or workshop and pass on your knowledge, skills and ideas, Dancehouse has high quality, affordable dance spaces.

Weekly Dance Classes

Weekly Dance Classes are ongoing independently run classes taught by artists and teachers who can hire our space. In 2013, classes have included BodyMind, Odissi, Baharatanatyam, Movement Lab, Yoga, Pilates, Contact Improvisation, Kundalini KungFu, Kiddy Rock, Barefoot Boogie, Modern Contemporary and Biodanza. Classes kick off in mid-January.

If ongoing classes aren't your thing, you may wish to apply to teach a workshop at Dancehouse. These often take place over a weekend or short period during the week.

Teachers of Classes & Workshops pay an affordable studio hire fee and handle all bookings and income generated from their classes. Dancehouse supports their classes through promotion, audiovisual facilities and maintaining affordable, accessible and quality dance studios.

You are eligible for consideration to teach classes or workshops if you are:
A Dancehouse Member (or become one).
An Australian resident for tax purposes.
A dance teacher with a minimum of three years professional teaching experience.

How to Apply
NOTE: You do not need to apply to attend Dancehouse Classes or Workshops. This application process is only for teachers seeking to teach their classes here at Dancehouse.


If you are interested in teaching your technique class as one of our Weekly Dance Classes, you can also contact Julia on 03 9347 2860 or email for questions and assistance.

Closing Dates
There are no closing dates. Applications are considered on an ongoing basis, but space is limited.