Dance is unique as an artform in that training is never really 'finished', dancers and dance makers need to constantly engage with their own bodies and physicalities which in turn directly relates to the development of the form. Dancehouse provides these vital opportunities for continued physical examinations across a variety of dance forms, techniques and practices. The multiplicity of training opportunies provided by Dancehouse is unique in Australia and places it on a par with renowned international institutions such as Movement research, New York, Tanz Quartier, Vienna and The Place, London. In many instances Dancehouse is the only Australian organization offering dance practitioners access to new and unusual developments in dance practice and training.




Series of regular technique morning classes in February and in August, this program responds to the need to provide independent Australian dance artists with ongoing opportunities to 'top up' on training and skills development outside of their own creative practices or to further develop their technique and physical abilities.


Learning Curve is a Dancehouse mentoring program open to participants from across Australia. It matches dancers with established artists in a concentrated and intimate studio experience. Learning Curve recognises the relationship between experience and development and encourages graduates to consider the essential nature of a career in dance as a life-long learning process. Applications are open in January for April.


Dancehouse is committed to providing key opportunities for local and interstate dance makers to up their skills and to enrich their practice and vision or current practices by exposing them to a selected choice of practitioners. The curated workshops program includes several 1-week or 1-weekend workshops with local, interstate or international practitioners.



This program is about triggering exchange and nourishing dialogue between dance makers thus provoking both critical discourse and closer interactions and connections among dance makers.  Rather than being a 'workshop' in which the leader imparts information, the practice sharing/exchange session is an opportunity for one maker to communicate their current interests, to raise questions through the bodily exchange of information and to perhaps be challenged by the sharing of notions with unfamiliar bodies. Practice sharing sessions take place in a series such as one per week for four weeks. Ideally dancers would attend all four but it would not be mandatory.



Weekly Dance Classes & Regular Workshops

The Weekly Dance Classes/Worksohps are ongoing independently-run classes taught by artists and teachers who hire our spaces. They include an immense array of dance practices and techniques and are open to all levels of experience including beginners. Check the schedule below and get in touch directly with the teacher for more information. 

Class and workshop schedule 2017

Do you want to teach your own class?

Dancehouse offers high quality, affordable dance spaces for hire. Teachers pay one of the lowest studio hire fees in Melbourne and handle all bookings and income generated from their classes. Dancehouse supports their classes through promotion, audiovisual facilities and maintaining affordable, accessible and quality dance studios.

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