Hellen Sky recently completed a 3-month Cité des Arts residency in Paris, supported by the French Institut, French Embassy in Sydney, Dancehouse and micadanses Paris.

Her research, Spheres of IN-Fluence is a choreography of interconnectivity slipping between installation and performance using digital projection and movement . Objects are moved to create a textural screen, for the projection of natural and real time processed environments. The research gathered a rich array of French and international collaborators:  Paula Caspoa, Myriam Gourfink, Mary-Anne Roberts, James Tyson, Mark Cauvin, Alan Widdowson, Kasper Toeplitz, Garth Paine.



We talk and walk thoughts as steps, recounting, we wind around like snakes and ladders in streets, parks in subterranean studios, that sound like the sea, a brook, vibrations, the weight of forces we move to sing, to breath a sense of energies.  And, what is it that the IN- does?  – When a hyphen separates the word it fronts the meaning of, of that which it was intended to add meaning to, in a reversal action of its role to define itself as the subject of its meaning. IN-Visible Nature.

Is it a kind of 'feathering'?  A destabilisation of thresholds, confusion, a jittering, of threads that link the IN-Visible nature of power and affects.


I am sitting on an island

Off an island


Off an island


On a Shore                                                                                                                     which is not a line,

But a porous moment wet with time


I am sitting on an island


Off an island


Off an island


On a Shore


Above a pole, magnetic points,                                   south to north

                                    pivotal spine to earth


Which way does the world turn?


"I have seen a falling star and so have you I imagine

If we were on the moon we might see the earth being crossed by an arc of light

I have a globe; its surface is slightly raised,

 With my eyes closed I can read it by touch

With my fingertips I can find the Himalayas

If this is true


What are we worried about?"

 (extracts from Prelude  – The LightRoom  - Hellen Sky – Libretto  Margaret Cameron).


 "The vision beyond research relies on placing my body as a fulcrum, between the gestures of sound (piano, soprano, tenor, flute and double bass), as a means to find new forms of expression in performance, choreography and networked events that extend their/my/our reach beyond a fixed 'stage' or single art form. Physically and metaphorically, I aim to become a  'conductor' balancing the 'effects' of organic acoustic scores and their electronic manipulation.  Analogously, this human computer interaction explores the themes inherent in the title, the Nature of Force. The electro-organic orchestra becomes a gesture to the question, one of balance that arises through our interaction with the natural world and the affect and potential of our technological evolution."


HELLEN SKY is an Australian digital choreographer / performer / director / researcher writer. Her inter-disciplinary work bridges dance, performance, theatre and installation extended through new technologies. She collaborates with artists, scientists, performers, composers, academics, designers, writers, architects, interface designers and programmers to develop scores and technology systems that often use real time data generated by the body to effect the relationship between multiple media to form total choreographies for live performance and installations.  She is recognised as a pioneer in digital performance nationally and internationally.

Hellen Sky has been exploring the potential of interactive human computer systems for many years in the realisation of her choreographic projects, and has pioneered an impressive body of works bridging dance, performance, theatre with novel technologies, connecting performers in single and dual sites.   Her projects  can take years to develop and usually do so over many stages of research from conception to realisation and through affiliation with research centres, cultural agencies and international  multiart form peers in the field of performance installation digital/media arts, exploring new paradigms evolved through digital physical interaction.