Dancehouse Diary #6

The Dancehouse Diary wishes to take you on an intimate journey through dance as art of thinking movement. Connected to extended beyond of our program, it is an attempt to nourish a site for critical discourse and bring a space for sharing the dance artists' and thinkers' vision of this world.

This issue featuries articles from Roland Huesca, Nebahat Erpolat, Deborah Hay, Jo Faulkner, Audrey Schmidt, Gulsen Ozer, Bojana Kunst and Alice Heyward. Also features a conversation between Phillip Adams and Jill Orr.

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THE BODY IN THE RAW. NUDITY NOW scrutinises what a naked body can say today that a clothed body cannot. Let it be said from the outset, this theme was triggered by recent cases of artistic censorship, largely in Australia. While artists have been and are censored for supposedly hurting moral sensibilities in relation to a range of legal offences, such as sedition, blasphemy, obscenity, and defamation, cases of late involving censorship and outrage have all been centred around the nude human body. So what is it about nudity that provokes such moral panic, especially given the prevalence of (porno)graphic imagery within music and popular culture? Have our social and sexual mores shifted? -- Angela Conquet, Artistic Director of Dancehouse.