Dancehouse Diary #4

Every three months Dancehouse publishes a publication called Dancehouse Diary. The Diary is a site for dance artists, artists of different art forms and other thinkers to share their thoughts about the moving body (and mind). It also aims at developing critical analysis and discourse, to 'train' the eye to perceive the meaning of the moving body and its multiple articulations and concerns with the wider world. The Diary has one page dedicated to critical/theoretical discourse on dance/choreography and one page hosting current interrogations about arts policy, funding, management etc. Writings are specifically linked to an editorial theme arising from Dancehouse's current program that is used as a provocation for contributions.

Dancehouse Diary is now open to contributions as a response to our editorial focus.

The editorial theme for this issue is NEEDLING, RESTLESS, RELENTLESS - DANCE IS MASSIVE

What you should submit:

We are looking for articles which are thought provoking, challenging and experimental responses to the editorial theme.

This theme is an invitation to make us think dance as we watch it, to filter it through the mind and not only the senses, to accept that the purpose of dance (or art in general) is not to entertain but rather to help us to reflect and expand the vision of what our body means to the world and in the world. That art expands our perception to infinite horizons but it does not necessarily come easily and it can require effort or persistence in comprehending. All this is very directly linked to the different ways of connecting people to art and the role of critics, reviewers, arts operators and cultural policy decision-makers in building the site for cultivating the apprehension of the arts.

Your contributions should be:

  • 1000 word limit (max), with biographic references or annotations included if appropriate (and not part of word count)
  • 100 word biography of contributors
  • A single A4 page CV
  • We also accept visual responses (drawings, photos)

If submitting a visual response, images should be at print quality (300dpi, preferably jpeg or tiff formats), including credits for the image.


DEADLINE: All contributions must be received by midnight, February 9th 2013

You will be informed of the response to your proposal via email by February 11th, 2013.

Your contributions will be considered by the board of editors, and in exceptional situations may be subject to changes, which will be sent to the contributor for final review.

Successful contributors will NOT be remunerated.

Editorial decisions will be made by the DD editorial board. The Editors for this issue are Angela Conquet, Philipa Rothfield, Ashley Dyer, Olivia Millard.