Summer Space Grants 2012/13

Dancehouse is pleased to reveal the artists who will be supported by our Summer Space grant program in 2013. Congratulations to:

Amanda Betlehem

Paul Jackson

Rennie McDougall

Jonathan Sinatra

Each of these artists have proposed projects which are in various stages of development and are underpinned by a strong sense of exploration and inventiveness.

Yet they are each coming from different movement perspectives and are at varying stages in their careers as dance makers.


AMANDA BETLEHEM is a recent gradaute from Deakin University. Her Space Grant will allow her to work on the development of a choreographic piece which will use experiemental processes to question the notion of the performing body as object. She will aim 'liberate the performing body from its conventional ends such as story telling, entertaining, being beautiful and pleasing to witness in search of the "new grand narrative" - which is not given by the performer, rather produced by the audience/witnesses'.

PAUL JACKSON will use his Space Grant to begin the development of a new work, (working title) "The Swamp and the Sky". This work will use movement, voice and improvisation to investigate the simultaneous struggle and compulsion of self-expression. 'The dancers are trapped in the struggle to express themselves simply and honestly. The impossibility of such a task and the doubts and questions that inevitably arise are underlined by the constancy of the deeply human need to communicate'.

RENNIE MCDOUGALL plans to begin the develepment of a new solo, currently entitled "The Complete Works". He will, through practising, research 'the multiple and inconstant persona/s of performer'. In following an interest in 'narrowing my focus to specific conventional methods of self-presentation (ie. Monolguing, aria singing, solo dance)', he will aim to process the performance live 'through a constantly evolving transition of states'.

JONATHAN SINATRA will employ a haunting inhabiation of the little used spaces around Dancehouse to ask 'unadorned, present tense questions' about the what and how of his dancing. 'My practice is a series of experiential processes explored via my own sensations and thoughts, discovering and building my sense and understanding of 'body', of my fluid body in relationship to other bodies and environments'.


Many thanks to our guest assessor, Stephanie Hutchison (local performance and maker) who assisted in the selection process.


Please keep in mind that we also offer Quick Response space grants, available all though the year. more information and a form.