Deborah Hay - Solo Performance Project

Interesting reports and reflections from the four Victorian participants:

Fiona Bryant

Atlanta Eke

Luke George

Carlee Mellow

Dancehouse, Critical Path, STRUT dance and Bundanon Trust present:


Deborah Hay's Solo Performance Project

Dancehouse in partnership with Critical Path, STRUT Dance and Bundanon Trust is very excited to announce the artists invited to work with Deborah Hay on the Solo Performance Project in 2010. Ten artists from around Australia were selected by an advisory panel, in conjunction with Ros Warby and Deborah Hay, to participate in the Project at Bundanon Artist Residence in NSW. During the 10-day intensive, the artists will create a solo with Deborah, followed by a 3 month practice before presenting the solos in a season at Dancehouse in June.

Thank you to all of the artists who applied and participated in the workshop with Ros Warby in October and congratulations to the following artists.

VIC: Fiona Bryant, Atlanta Eke, Luke George, Carlee Mellow.
NSW: Kristina Chan, Matt Day, Georgie Reed, Rosie Dennis.
WA: Felicity Bott, Bianca Martin.

March 9 - 18

Dancehouse is offering 4 artists the opportunity to participate in a 10-day solo performance project with Deborah Hay, assisted by Ros Warby, at Bundanon Artist Residence in West Cambewarra, Southern NSW in March 2010.


Together with 4 dancers from NSW and 2 dancers from WA, the 4 artists sponsored by Dancehouse will stay at the beautiful Bundanon complex and work with Deborah on a solo performance project for a period of 10 days.
Dancehouse will provide travel costs and a financial stipend whilst the artists undertake the residency.  Bundanon will provide all accommodation and the project partners and artists will all contribute to catering for each other through the project. 
After the 10-day intensive, the artists will be supported by Dancehouse to practice the solo created with Deborah for a period of 3 months, before presenting the solos in a season at Dancehouse in June 2010.
This project is similar in some ways to Deborah Hay's Solo Performance Commissioning Project; in order to gain a clearer understanding of the work of the Deborah Hay Dance Company and her choreographic and performance practice please visit

The project will take place at Bundanon from 9 - 18 March, 2010.  Artists will undertake a weekly solo practice (8 hrs per week) of the new piece, from mid-March to mid June, 2010, to be presented in performance at Dancehouse. 

For more information contact Dancehouse on 03 9347 2860 or email