R-Research Public Seminar

Free Public Seminar

Presented by Dancehouse, Deakin University and the British Council

Multi-award winning British choreographer Wayne McGregor is visiting Australia, working with the Australian Ballet.  On Friday, July 31, Dancehouse is delighted to welcome Wayne and Scott deLahunta, director of the research arm of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance to present a seminar on their ten years of work across science and choreography. 

This free seminar will be preceeded by a presentation of the work Scott will be undertaking at  Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University's Burwood Campus motion capture lab with studio director  Dr. Kim Vincs as part of 'Capturing Dance', a three year project supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme (project number DP0987101).  'Capturing Dance' explores how motion capture can be used to 'map' choreographic process, identifying minute changes in movement that make choreographers' work unique, and attempting to turn this mapping into a meaningful feedback tool for choreographers to use in developing new work.


Alongside making dances, choreographer Wayne McGregor has conducted a sustained investigation into choreographic process and new ways of understanding and working creatively with the human body that has give rise to several unique art-science research projects.


The R-Research Public Seminar will outline the company's three current R-Research projects:

Choreographic Thinking Tools
How can we uncover more about the kinds of intelligences (choreographic thinking) that are involved in contemporary dance making?
How can we make this information available to choreographers in a format that is useful?

Core Collaborators
Phil Barnard, MRC, Cognition and Brain Studies Unit, Cambridge. Dr Beatriz Calvo-Merino, CNRU, City University London; rAndom International

Distributed Choreographic Cognition
Recording and analysis of the coordination of choreographic thought and action between choreographer and dancers during the creation process.
Visualisation of the evolution of choreographic form for the audience.

Core Collaborators
David Kirsh, Interactive Cognition Lab, University of California San Diego with support provided by ArtPower! University of California San Diego and Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

Choreographic Language Agent
The Choreographic Language Agent (CLA) will be an intelligent software agent that can generate unique solutions to choreographic problems to augment the dance maker's own creative decision-making processes
The aspiration is to release a freeware tool for use by choreographers. This system is being developed through consideration of Wayne McGregor's creative decision-making process, and is being developed through the open source software FIELD.

Core collaborators
Wayne McGregor | Random Dance / OpenEnded Group collaboration.  Nick Rothwell, CASSIEL; Luke Church & Alan Blackwell, Crucible/ Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University


Read on about Wayne McGregor | Random Dance  and the R-Research Project

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R-Research Public Seminar

Date:    July 31
Time:    7.30 pm
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St Carlton
Admission: THIS IS A FREE EVENT, but bookings are essential
Bookings: phone: 9347 2860 or email


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