Movement Research Melbourne

Movement Research Melbourne (formerly Movement Research Forums) began a year ago as a practical forum of exchange, bringing together a diverse network of local professional dance/performance practitioners who use improvisation as a tool for researching performance practice.

We meet regularly throughout the year to exchange ideas, practices and inquiries that are variously influenced by butoh/body weather, classical contemporary technique, contact improvisation, and different traditions of solo improvisation developed from the practices of  William Forsythe, Deborah Hay and Rosalind Crisp among others.

Throughout our first year we were intensely focused on using one another's different backgrounds, approaches and perspectives to disrupt, extend and deepen our individual practices using various strategies such as partnering, conversation, provocation, repetition, copying, being reminded by, admiring and questioning together.

This year we have shifted our emphasis from practice research to performative experimentation with one artist leading at a time and using the group as a basis for that experimentation.

Movement Research Melbourne (MRM) dates are:
Fridays - July 24 & 31  @ 4 -7pm and Mon July 27, Aug 10 @10 - 1.30

MRM artists are:  Fiona Bryant, Peter Fraser, Carlee Mellow, Micheala Pegum, Phoebe Robinson, Paul Romano and Emma Strapps.

NOTES ON MRM in 2009

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