2007/08 Space Grant Recipients

Dancehouse Summer Space Grants were awarded to:

Emily Amisano - who will undertake the first stage of development of a new work bending the map. The work that focuses on the physiology of survival, and will investigate the processes that occur in the human organism when confronted with a survival situation.

A selection of Emily's work:

Fiona Bryant - who proposes to work with Kate Stanley in the creation of two solo works. Integral to this collaboration will be the process of Kate Stanley developing a solo on Fiona, simultaneous to Fiona's continued creation of her own solo work. Also central to the process will be the investigation of joint agendas pertaining to the realm of 'performance' to include demonstration and discussion with an audience.

ROGUE - a collective of artists continuing the development of Ocular Proof, which will be presented next year as part of the Next Wave Festival. Exploring the Festival theme "Closer Together", the group is focusing and experimenting with illusion and vision, through projection and reflection in a live work context.

Lucy Farmer - who is continuing the creative development or Bear (15) Part 2: The (Framing of) Desire, a work exploring various ways of controlling and manipulating the audience experience of performance.

Tim Podesta received a Space Grant in July 08. Tim's Revolutions project explores the concepts of Destiny, Chance and Choice and when performed will incorporate both live and filmed site specific work that will involve audience members determining the direction of the work through choice and chance directives.