"Performance functions as a microcosm of culture, the ways that we form and reform ourselves in relation to each other. How we are present with one another in the performance environment—for example, how we direct the gaze and the physical relation of people—points to systems that make meaning and construct hierarchies.

CAST is a new work that places the focus on the cast of a performance. What is the relationship of individuals in the cast to aesthetics, representation and abstraction? How does this change with different perceptions of gender, sexual orientation, race and age? How is the individual performer "transformed" in the presence of the group that watches? How do the performer, choreographer and audience member exercise control? The cast, like the performance, is a social construct. What do we imagine is seen or perceived by one another in the moment of performative transmission?

In this residency-lab, we will meet, converse and create video recordings to investigate these questions vis-à-vis the experience of Australian performers. My intention is to develop a collection of voices from different performance cultures (Melbourne, NY, etc). Ultimately, these conversations and resulting videos will serve as material for the live performances of CAST. The score will be generated in real time via an algorithm at each performance, constructed from a list of instructions, monologues, gestures, spacial arrangements, and actions culled from the conversations and video recordings. The algorithm makes "choices" in unanticipated ways.

We are working towards collective authorship. We question: What is the connection and power relationship between performer/audience/choreographer? How are these relationships useful tools? How could they be disrupted? We actively reimagine these processes and relationships through our conversations to consider the complexities of the cast as a cultural and political act of representation."

We are delighted to announce the participants to this year's _IN RESIDENCE program with Yanira Castro:




Yanira Castro will be in conversation with Sandra Parker on Thursday Nov 17, 5pm-6.30pm. Yanina is _IN RESIDENCE  to continue her research and development of a new work, CAST, through a series of conversations about the nature of performing, casting and how a performer does/does not represent their public(s).

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_IN RESIDENCE is an invitation to join an artist in the exploration or making of a new work. It is an invitation  to explore matter together. It is like being invited in someone's kitchen, ingredients already chosen but the dish is yet to be tried and tested and everyone in the room is invited to have a go at making  and tasting it. _IN RESIDENCE is an unconventional site for the unwrapping and sharing of processes by working with practice, drawing, writing, conversation, scores, maps, films, materials and other active materials. Sometimes there will be rules, sometimes none at all. Sometimes there will be results, often times, none visible. Often it will be about learning a little, and always about going farther.


Court/Garden (5 min excerpt)


YANIRA CASTRO is a Puerto Rican choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is interdisciplinary encompassing movement, text, video, the creation of environments, and computer programming. She often builds indeterminate choreographic systems to structure dances in the moment. In 2009, she formed the collaborative group, a canary torsi, to create site-adaptable, performance-based projects engaged in the fundamental question: how are we together in performance? a canary torsi explores the relationship between audience and event, developing scenarios where the audience's presence dramatically impacts the work. Castro has received numerous commissions and residencies to develop work. She received a 2009 BESSIE award for Dark Horse/Black Forest presented by Performance Space 122 in the lobby restroom of The Gershwin Hotel. The archive for a participatory performance project, The People to Come, was featured in The New Museum's exhibit, "Performance Archiving Performance," in 2013. She is a participant of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Extended Life program (2015-2016), Gibney Dance Center's Dance-in-Process program (2016-17), a Returning Choreographic Fellow at Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (2014-2013), and a 2012 Vermont Performance Lab Artist. Other fellowships and residencies include: Dance New Amsterdam (2013, NYC), Artist Ne(s)t (2007, Romania), Sugar Salon (2007, NYC), and Rockefeller Foundation (2006, Bellagio, Italy). She has been recognized with various awards for her work, including from The New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, The Jerome Foundation, MAP Fund, NYFA's Choreography Fellowship and BUILD, New Music USA, Trust for Mutual Understanding, and USArtists International. Castro received her B.A. in Theater & Dance and Literature from Amherst College.


Image: Couresty of the artist


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