PERFORMANCE (January - August 2016)

Housemate is Dancehouse's artist-in-residence program. It supports rigorous discourse, research and wide-ranging experimentation in all movement-based forms so as to nurture new choreographic expression for new forms and contexts.

The Housemate Performance Program focuses primarily on creative development leading to the presentation of a new work and formal performance season produced and presented by Dancehouse. The Housemate Residency accompanies choreographers through the entire creative process, from vision to realisation. The program offers extensive time to explore, space to examine possibility, the financial support and a thoroughly supportive and nurturing environment to bring the Resident's project to fruition.

Even though this program is project-oriented, Dancehouse is interested in an artist's more global pathway, thus trying to act as a career fertilizer and an available tool with which to invent new connections between artistic work, professional networks and wider audiences.

Housemate is Dancehouse's commitment to the future of dance in Australia and to those who re-shape and re-invent choreographic thought for bodies in movement.

Current Housemate:

HOUSEMATE XVII - Natalie Abbott

Former Housemates:

HOUSEMATE XVI - Matthew Day, HOUSEMATE XV - Sarah Aiken, HOUSEMATE XIV - Martin Hansen, HOUSEMATE XIII - James Batchelor, HOUSEMATE XII - Russell Dumas, HOUSEMATE XI – Victoria Chiu, HOUSEMATE X – Atlanta Eke & Emma Kim Hagdahl, HOUSEMATE IX – Alexandra Harrison, HOUSEMATE VIII – Ashley Dyer, HOUSEMATE VII – Sandra Parker, HOUSEMATE VI – Phillip Adams, HOUSEMATE V – Deanne Butterworth, HOUSEMATE IV – Tim Darbyshire, HOUSEMATE III – Gabrielle Nankivell, HOUSEMATE II – Jo Lloyd, HOUSEMATE I – Phoebe Robinson


Callouts will open June, 2017




With the Summer Grants program, Dancehouse identifies artists whose emergent ideas and developing work have the potential to contribute strongly to the development of contemporary dance. Dancehouse offers fully-subsidised studio space in the form of four 30-hour Summer Space Grants. These grants are available nationally and participants are selected by Dancehouse assisted by industry peers.

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Quick Response Grants offer 15 hrs of subsidized space to finesse an existing work, try out a new idea and work with collaborators.

Quick Response Grants have closed for 2016, but please keep checking our website or subscribe to our newsletter to get information about future callouts.

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