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At Dancehouse, we believe in the power of art to bring meaning, to inspire us to think, act and live creatively. We believe that dance artists are uniquely able to trigger transformative art experiences that can nurture and move us. We believe that they have the power to shape and sculpt the spaces, the outer and the inner ones. We also believe in this idea very dear to the amazing artist Joseph Beuys that artists are social sculptors –that they can enable social and cultural transformation through creativity, critical discourse and active reflection. And we also believe that dance is for everyone, not just a few. This is what moves us. We need your support to keep moving others.


"Look at any biography of Australia's most successful dance artists of the past twenty years and there you will find the name Dancehouse; unpretentiously, but profoundly and fiercely supporting independent dance and dance makers into the twenty first century."

 Rebecca Hilton, Australian leading choreographer, director and teacher

"Participating in the arts gives our lives richness and meaning and undoubtedly plays a critical role in community development and wellbeing. With the help of our supporters, Dancehouse fosters this life-enhancing connection as Australians of all ages and backgrounds meet here to be moved and delighted by dance.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Dancehouse is committed to keeping dance accessible to everyone. Donations from our supporters are a critical part of the long term success and sustainability of Dancehouse and it's programs.

 We thank you for your generous support."

James Ostroburski, Deputy Chair of Dancehouse


How will the funds be used?

Your donations will help grow dedicated artists, creative risk, independent career paths and collaborative relationships and inventive ways of bringing new audiences to dance and the arts in general.  

Your donations will be used for :

  • Commissioning, producing and presenting new or existing Australian dance works
  • Professional development via our Training program (research, classes, workshops,)
  • Artists' mobility - national and international tours, overseas residencies
  • Engaging national and international high profile guest artists to work with local practitioners
  • Developing meaningful tools for connecting the art form to wider audiences – Community-Outreach projects, Dancehouse Diary, Digital Quilt, discussions, forum, community outreach programs etc.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible
Dance House Inc is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and endorsed as a Charitable Entity under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Dance House Inc is also on the Australian Government Register of Cultural Organisations.



The Enthusiast  ($100+)

You are enthusiastic about what we are doing here at Dancehouse. You have come to a show, hired our spaces or attended a workshop, perhaps even produced something with us. We appreciate your support and we are as enthusiastic as you are to grow our connection with you. There is so much more to see and be part of! Take a deeper dive into our programs and enhance your experience - for a contribution of anything from $100 to $499, your mind and senses will be stirred. As an Enthusiast, you will enjoy a dedicated newsletter outlining a range of tailored benefits, opportunities for engagement, complimentary tickets to shows, third party special offers and acknowledgement.

The Explorer ($500+)
Take the next step. You have had a taste and want to venture more deeply into who we are and how you can get involved. We want to share our ambition and passion with you and invite you backstage to explore together how dance is made, how artists create and how Dancehouse supports our community and delivers its mission. For a contribution of anything from $500 to $999, you will meet the artists and enjoy Dancehouse as an 'insider'. As an Explorer, you will enjoy receiving VIP invitations to events, a dedicated newsletter, complimentary tickets, increased opportunities for engagement, third party special offers such as discounts to local shops and acknowledgement on our website and to our networks.

The Shaker ($1000+)

Take action and shake things up, helping us kick start projects and initiatives, develop the careers of artists and opportunities for their work. There is no greater pleasure than seeing an idea begin as a seed, sprout and grow to its full potential. We would love to involve you in supporting projects which will make a difference and it all starts here. For a contribution of anything from $1,000 to $2,499, you will be offered direct opportunities to progress an artist and their work, be invited to VIP events, receive a dedicated newsletter offering you increased opportunities for engagement, complimentary tickets, third party special offers such as discounts and tickets to shows by partner companies and acknowledgement to our networks. Be a Shaker today and help make an artist's dreams come true tomorrow.

The Mover ($2500+)

As a Mover, you appreciate who we are, where we have been and where we are headed. You believe in our ambitious future, want to help us shape it by creating opportunities for dancers and artists, build exciting creative partnerships and assist Dancehouse to move in exciting new territory. For a contribution of anything from $2,500 to $4,999, you can attach your name to the development of an artist and join us on an adventure towards a bright future.  As a Mover, you will receive an all access pass to events and activities at Dancehouse, invitations to VIP events, a dedicated newsletter and opportunities to get creatively involved with us. 

The Ambassadors' Circle ($5000+)

To you, Dancehouse, its purpose and values mean more to you than a performance space. It is a place of passion, ambition, freedom, inspiration, education, excellence, innovation and community. Be inspired by inspiring others and connect with the spirit of creation. For a contribution of anything above $5,000, you will be a member of The Ambassadors' Circle and deliver a new reality for dancer artists and Dancehouse which otherwise would not have been possible. Your contribution may go to commissioning new works, international tours, and prestigious programs like Dance Massive or Dance Territories. You will be acknowledged as an advocate of independent dance and your name associated with cutting-edge programs and projects. As a member of The Ambassadors' Circle, you will be invited to exclusive dinners and Dancehouse occasions with our artists, dancers and partners, be given three-year recognition as an Ambassador, an all access pass to events and activities and much more. We will not know how to thank you enough.



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