Welcome to Dancehouse,

Dancehouse is the centre for independent dance in Melbourne. Through its programs of residencies, performance, training and research, Dancehouse is a space for developing challenging, invigorating, and socially engaged moving art. Dancehouse is a genuine tool for the dance-maker, a catalyst for developing new audiences and a facilitator of meaningful alliances and mobility schemes, in Australia and internationally.


Being Charlie

All experience of dance (and art in general) is inextricably and viscerally lodged in the body. The body of the performer, as much as in that of the spectator. And when the body is inhabited by choreographic elements, subtly moving between the corporeal and the cerebral, it inescapably becomes the site of political and social thinking and practice.

The call out for our next Dancehouse Diary issue investigates notions of dance and ethics. Even though the issue will focus on the relation between ethics and aesthetics, it is difficult to resist the sense in which ethics is also always political. And we cannot help but muse for a moment on why art is so often subjected to moral demands. The Charlie Hebdo cartoons activated some 'ethical' thinking on the moral limitations to the freedom of expression.

The moving body is an open site of free moving, free thinking, free expression but also of difference, of otherness, of doubt, of provocation, of ridicule.

For 2015, we wish for the dance artists to be Charlie, with their bodies and minds.

-- Angela Conquet and Dancehouse