Welcome to Dancehouse,

Dancehouse is Australia's premier centre for independent dance. We are a site for developing challenging, invigorating and socially engaged moving art. Our role is threefold: to advance independent dance artists, to build dance audiences, and to develop the art form itself. Our programs generate a kaleidoscope of opportunities and sit at a confluence of circulations: of makers, ideas, spaces, contexts, publics, disciplines and territories.




As Chair of Dancehouse, it gives me immense pride and pleasure to lead an organisation that places such a strong emphasis on equality, fairness and independence. These values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe strongly that the Dancehouse community share these values with us and strive for a fair and balanced democracy, where all citizens have a voice and enjoy the same basic rights as others.

Australia has been asked to determine the fate of a change to the marriage act - a change that will allow LGBTIQ Australians the right to marry.

Whilst this is a deeply personal issue to me, I strongly believe I speak for our Board, our Team and the Dancehouse community at large, in declaring Dancehouse's unequivocal support for a "YES" outcome to the upcoming Marriage Postal Survey.

I would like to encourage our beloved Dancehouse community to participate in the upcoming vote. If you feel in your heart that all Australians deserve a fair go, equal treatment under the law of our land and if you share the common values I referred to above, vote YES. Please do not rest with the idea that a "YES" outcome is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need all Australians to participate in this important process, perhaps one of the few remaining barriers to equal rights in our common law.

If you are undecided on how you may vote, or wish to hear my personal story to assist with your decision, I would encourage you to contact me directly via the Dancehouse office. I'd be very pleased to sit down over a cup of tea and explain why I think this is so important. Not just for the LGBTIQ community, but in its ability to strengthen our democracy and to work towards eliminating discrimination from our society.

With a warm heart,

James Ostroburski

Chair of Dancehouse